Since moving to a reader-funded blog, Andrew Sullivan has collected about $611,000, and he doesn’t want to nag, but…

[A]round 7,000 of you have already clicked on seven read-ons – your total free access every month – and not yet encountered a request to contribute. The next time you do, you will. …

Of course, nagging is an integral part to pay-meters’ success. They wear you down. If your experience online is anything like mine, I tend to ignore the pay-us boxes until they finally get too annoying. At some point, if what I’m reading is worth it, I say to myself: “Screw it. Just get this over with.”

So that’s what this post is asking for: help us keep you from seeing these pop-up blocks ever again – and subscribe. 21,000 readers are now on the verge of being nagged – and we’re only asking a nickel a day to stop that from happening. If you all decide to pay, we’re truly off to the races, and making history for old-school, honest, transparent, pay-to-read journalism in new media. If you want to tip the balance against the tide toward sites packed with distracting ads or the creeping corruption of “sponsor content” and “native advertizing”, please consider joining us.

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Andrew Sullivan, The Dish

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  • NateBowman

    I hope he remembers to thank you for the free publicity.

    It’s great promotion masquerading as news.