Virginia paper confused over flooding location

Sent by a reader: “From today’s Newport News (Va.) Daily Press — a weird reference to Afghanistan’s Wardak province was inserted into a local weather story by the Tribune/LA Times copy desk in Chicago.”

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  • LaurenceGlavin

    It’s another affront to journalism that the story used the Weather Channel’s nomenclature to call the storm “Saturn”. This practice has turned the Weather channel into a sort of laughing stock. When NBC-TV broadcast news runs a story on winter storms THEY NEVER USE TWC’S NOMENCLATURE EVEN THOUGH NBC OWNS TWC!

  • JTFloore

    yes, alot of writers have taken many hits for mistakes created by copy editors who think they are all knowing. what’s also interesting about this item is that the newspaper is in newport news, va., and the embarrassing error was insterted by a copy editor in chicago. i don’t know what this paper/copy editor relationship is or is supposed to be, but this is at least the KIND of mistake that is likely to occur in spades when a copy editor is in some regional, centralized location, not even in the same city as the paper itself. some chains, however, think they can save a few bucks by moving copy editing to another town or state, even another country. accuracy be damned.

  • C Grimes

    Glad you noted the error was inserted by a copyeditor. We should note neither the paper nor the writer whose byline is shown were confused about weather or the location of potential flooding (coastal).