BuzzFeed asks potential applicants to make a PB&J

A BuzzFeed job listing for a Support Specialist takes an outside-the-box (or is that outside the breadbag?) approach to gauging applicants’ skills. To apply:

Instead of a cover letter, please send us instructions on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Text, images, video… the format for your PB&J tutorial is up to you, as long following your instructions results in a really delicious sandwich.

“Cover letters are often boring and this seemed like a more fun, illuminating way to get a sense of how a job applicant communicates,” Alice DuBois, who is BuzzFeed’s product lead for editorial tools, tells Poynter.

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  • Watie J Akins

    this sounds awsome, gotta due it!………..

  • Larry Higgs

    What if you don’t like PB&J sandwiches and never have made one? How about french toast?

  • LaurenceGlavin

    Go to chain supermarket; select Smucker’s(tm) Uncrustables from the shelf; eat (preferably after leaving the store).

  • Don Whiteside™

    I think this is pretty brilliant. One, it tests people’s ability to follow basic instructions. I’ve been on hiring committees where we had 70 applicants and only 20 submitted cover letter, resume, and references even though the listing clearly said that all three were required. Made my job easier, certainly – if you couldn’t follow those instructions then you certainly wouldn’t be thorough once hired, so we just threw them out.

    Two, it demonstrates well whether someone has the ability to describe a process. It’s harder than you think. I asked my game development students to write “specifications” for playing simple games like Jacks or War. Most assumed it was quick and easy… till they had to write out every possible outcome and step.

  • DanRowinski

    Banana bread sliced thin and pan fried in butter with organic non-sweetened peanut butter and strawberry preserves (like my grandma used to make). Cut on the diagonal and drizzle with honey.

  • digiphile

    Fresh-baked anadama bread, lightly toasted, with a shmear of freshly ground peanut butter on both sides. Big dollop of Mom’s raspberry jam or Nervous Nellie’s wild Maine blueberry jam in the middle. [Shouldn't they be asking about expertise in slide shows, social media snark and animated GIF discovery?]