Des Moines Register pulls map of school district security following criticism

The Des Moines Register | The Blaze | Fox News

The Des Moines Register published then removed an interactive map Wednesday that looked at how school resource officers are deployed in Iowa after it drew criticism from people who thought the map showed unprotected districts. Or as Fox News host Megyn Kelly put it, “If I’m some psycho, I might wanna play my odds.”

The map “identifies more than 100 public schools, from kindergarten through high school and community college campuses that have no security,” Mike Opelka wrote on The Blaze.

The Register changed the map to show only districts with full-time security, Fox News reports, then ditched that map, too. The article, which has drawn some angry comments, now has no map — and no note explaining what happened.

Register Editor Rick Green told Kelly that the map was an attempt, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre, to answer questions from parents about what sort of police presence their school districts had. It “showed no schools, showed no addresses [and] it did not go into detail,” Green said. He said it was “incredibly unfortunate” that The Blaze was displaying a non-interactive version of the map on its site.

“Do I wish we would have handled it a little bit differently, Megyn? Obviously,” Green said. Asked whether the paper would use another map, Green said, “I’m not looking at posting a map right now right now.”

Both The Blaze and Fox’s reports mentioned that The Register and the (Westchester County, N.Y.) Journal News, which published (and then unpublished) an unpopular map of local gun-permit owners, are owned by the same company, Gannett.

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  • Randolph A McInerney

    The publisher of this dirt bag paper was on Fox news today {gotta give him credit for at least coming on FOX , that takes guts} BUT as predicted he tried to justify what the paper did…..MY question to him would be if you still think it’s OK…then why did you pull the map down off the internet? Under the 1st Amendment you have the right to leave it up….but you pulled it down why? If you still believe you were right?
    What a trashy and “dangerous” thing to do.
    NONE of the main-stream “LIBERAL” papers or news shows even reported the story….let alone had a discussion about it. That should tell the American people a LOT about the Liberal MEDIA.
    If they truly CARE about the CHILDREN and not their agenda why NOT get down on the Demoines Register for their STUPID MAP of “targeting schools” and creating a “Shopping List” for NUT JOBS like Adam Lanza. at Sandy Hook?