Daily News doctored a doctored Leno-Fallon photo


An NBC photo of Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon sharing a motorcycle has a fake background, Sydney Smith and Rhonda Roland Shearer report:

NBC confirmed to iMediaEthics by phone that it didn’t use Photoshop. Leno, Fallon, the motorcycle and the sidecar were all real and present for the photoshoot. But, NBC did use “a fake background and a fake road” for the image.

The New York Post, The Village Voice and The Hollywood Reporter were among the outlets that ran the photo, Smith and Shearer report. The Daily News altered the image further, plopping a big pile of cash in Fallon’s lap. The digital version of the Daily News’ cover carries a small credit acknowledging the money’s addition, but Smith and Shearer say they couldn’t find one on a print copy.

Front page courtesy the Newseum

Smith and Shearer say NBC asked outlets not to change the photo. They asked the Daily News about that:

A person iMediaEthics isn’t naming to protect their job laughed, and commented: “Their manipulated photo shouldn’t be manipulated? That’s funny.”

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  • Vĩnh Khon Trần

    I’m shocked – http://www.blogk.net

  • sargeh

    I doubt that anyone with minimal intelligence was confused by the shot. Photo illustrations are used by the media all the time. I thought this was a particularly good one. It would be hard to view this as anything else. But for some reason folks like to become righteously indignant when it comes to the Daily News.

  • Xuân Hoài Nguyễn
  • http://www.thisistrue.com Randy Cassingham

    I’m shocked — SHOCKED! — that The New York Post, The Village Voice and The Hollywood Reporter were among the outlets that ran a PR handout photo without revealing that the flacks Just Might Have Altered It. +1 to the Daily Rag for altering it more.