Report: Tribune Co. thinks Koch brothers’ bid for its papers is appealing

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Amy Chozick confirmed Hillel Aron’s scoop from last month: Charles and David Koch are indeed looking at purchasing Tribune Co.’s newspapers. Most of the other high-profile suitors are interested in only the Los Angeles Times, and Tribune would prefer to sell the papers as a bundle, Chozick writes. So, “at this early stage, the thinking inside the Tribune Company, the people close to the deal said, is that Koch Industries could prove the most appealing buyer.”

Would Koch-owned newspapers give conservatives a media toehold in Tribune’s markets? The “basic idea of buying a newspaper chain in order to change the views of the populace just isn’t going to work,” Forbes contributor Tim Worstall writes. “There would be no point in making the LAT a “conservative” newspaper as there’s only about three conservatives in the paper’s catchment area.”

That’s perhaps an overstatement (is Worstall counting Scott Baio?) but last year, when some were fretting about some Philadelphia Democratic machers bidding for the city’s newspapers, Jack Shafer wrote there might be benefits to juicing newspapers with some partisan vigor, like on cable TV:

Just as a pro-wrestling match puts at least two combatants in the ring at a time to make the fight work, TV cable news producers always enlist somebody from the other side for Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow to rough up. A partisan Philly paper that’s in the tank for its owners but listens to the other side wouldn’t be my first choice. But if it were my only choice, it wouldn’t be completely worthless.

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Disclosure: A Koch project called used to advertise on Poynter.

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  • NateBowman
  • NateBowman
  • NateBowman

    I do not know how you can say less than two weeks ago:

    A “member of the L.A. Times Editorial Board” tells Hillel Aron that Charles and David Koch may help buy the paper by financing “a bid by ‘Papa Doug’ Manchester, himself a right-wing multimillionaire who in 2009 bought the San Diego Union-Tribune and promptly turned it into a propaganda organ for San Diego development.”

    And in this post have it be up for question whether or not the purchase by Mr. Manchester with funds from the Koch brothers will have a conservative effect on the newspaper.

    As well, I do not know how you can accept Mr. Worsall’s statement uncritically (he works for Forbes, after all:
    “There would be no point in making the LAT a “conservative” newspaper as there’s only about three conservatives in the paper’s catchment area.”

    Look at the outlets that Mr. Murdoch has bought. They do as much to support causes by what they DON’T cover and HOW they cover the issues they DO cover than being necessarily proactively conservative.

  • NateBowman

    It would be helpful if we had some background on the Koch brothers.
    Like what they are generally lauded for and what they are generally criticized for.
    And not “her said/she said”, but facts.
    And not from your (former?) sponsor, KochFacts.
    Thank you.