Fact-checkers, copy editors on why they’ll be affected by Michele Bachmann’s retirement

U.S. Rep Michele Bachmann announced early Wednesday that she would not seek her seat next year, an announcement that will land hard on two constituencies: Fact-checkers and copy editors.

“She was great to cover because she was consistently and unapologetically wrong,” Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler told Poynter in an email. “But others will fill the breach, I am sure!” In a post bidding her adieu, Kessler wrote that Bachmann’s absence “will leave the Capitol a much less interesting place to fact check.”

PolitiFact’s voluminous Bachmann archives — which currently comprise 243 entries — are a particularly hallucinogenic history of the last few years of American politics: The site even wrote a post this past March welcoming her back after she appeared at CPAC: “She came into the conservative confab with 12 Pants on Fire ratings and quickly added two more,” Louis Jacobson wrote.

“We will miss Michele Bachmann. She kept the Truth-O-Meter busy — and occasionally made it burst into flames,” PolitiFact Editor Bill Adair told Poynter in an email. “She cited our work once during a debate, saying that we had rated all of her claims from a previous debate to be True. But alas, she was wrong and earned another Pants on Fire.”

(Here’s what appears to be the first of many PolitiFact checks of a Bachmann statement: When she claimed Timothy Geithner “left the option on the table” to drop the dollar as U.S. currency.)

And then there’s the matter of Bachmann’s name, so difficult to spell correctly that her own campaign once got it wrong. Slate Home Page Editor Chad Lorenz told Poynter’s Mallary Tenore last year his site had botched Bachmann’s name repeatedly: “spelling it with two L’s instead of one and her last name with one N instead of two,” Tenore wrote.

Asked whether he thought Bachmann’s job change might threaten employment in his industry, author and Washington Post copy editor Bill Walsh said, “We’ll always have ‘Ghandi.’ ”

But perhaps all is not lost. In her statement, Bachmann said: “There is no future option or opportunity, be it directly in the political arena or otherwise, that I won’t be giving serious consideration.”

Correction: In a brutal proof of Muphry’s Law, this post originally misspelled Glenn Kessler’s first name.

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  • pcisbs

    Obviously the author is a delusional leftist drone, with a full size shirtless picture of Obama posted on the ceiling over his bed. Don’t worry, Washington Post Fact Checker and Obama
    campaign donor Glenn Kessler is his source, so it’s settled. Bachmann is a courageous patriot who fought for the people and our constitution. It’s unfortunate that the author caters to ignorant nimrods that have no idea how Obama has and continues to violate the

    constitution and nullify their constitutionally guaranteed rights. Andrew Beaujon is a complete tool – since Obama’s nomination in 2009, through Quantitative Easing 1, 2, 3 4…. , the value of the dollar has decreased 29.98%. Perhaps dimwit Beaujon is trying to hustle an extra invite to the next White House event, but Bachmann’s Geithner accusation
    which Beaujon uses to debase her, has been proven correct. Furthermore,
    the pathetically weak GOP leadership also dissed her for standing up for the obvious: that Radical Islam is an enemy to our civilization. The fact that she was denigrated for demanding the Muslim Brotherhood explain their plans to infiltrate and topple the United States Government, which were uncovered from the Muslim Brotherhood’s own secret mission statement documents – it outrageous. History proves that the sheer stupidity of the
    “appease 9th century, murderous Islamic lunatics”, which Obama endorses, is putting all of us in danger. When you refuse to identify the enemy you have already lost the war.

    Lastly, why don’t ignorant leftist drone reporters like Andrew Beaujon, ever write articles on the outrageous gaffes, lies and misspeaks perpetrated by the leftist Democrats they worship? They could easily write novels recalling the outrageous lunacy spewed by: loony-tune Biden, Nut-Job Pelosi, Dingy Harry Reid, “talk to herself” Sen. Boxer BS King Obama or any of the other intellectual dildoes of the far Left? Unfortunately, they would never point out the idiocy of their heroes because doing so would risk shining light on their records and the failure of every single policy they have ever supported.

  • abeaujon

    It is in fact “Muphry’s”! The law states in part: “if you write anything criticising editing or proofreading, there will be a fault in what you have written,” per an Australian site: http://www.editorscanberra.org/muphrys-law/

  • Shelley

    Intentional irony to misspell the Murphy in Murphy’s Law?

  • sargeh

    What a load of balderdash. We can always count on this site to give a real nonpartisan report! — NOT.

  • http://cuckholds.com/ edgie

    ^^^ lonely old man, screaming at his monochrome CRT monitor.

  • Vincent Coppolla

    Don’t worry. The dishonest Obama administration is still here, but I doubt many journalists are interested in fact-checking him.