Businessweek’s provocative hedge-fund cover

The cover of Bloomberg Businessweek’s July 15 cover tackles the gap between hedge-funds’ reputation and their performance in a memorable manner:

Asked about whether the placement of the arrows was intentional, Bloomberg Businessweek spokesperson Rachel Nagler said via email “Could be up to the reader to decide…but we do take great care to be very precise when creating our covers.”

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  • evelyn582

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  • SoundsLikeDelores

    This post definitely belongs on a site called Poynter.

  • fredfnord

    In a plain brown paper wrapper, no doubt! :)

  • davebarnes

    I love it.
    Looking forward to receiving my print version.

  • Jason Everett Taylor

    a very clever and well executed design

  • GeoffZoref

    This cover pretty much made me laugh. I agree with you you though, although I’d like a link here so I can read the article. It sounds interesting.

  • Simon DelMonte

    That is surprisingly vulgar. If not necessarily wrong.