Writer who called Irish president an ‘acknowledged homosexual’ resigns from Forbes

Irish Independent

David Monagan writes that he’s resigned from Forbes after calling Irish President Michael D. Higgins an “acknowledged homosexual.” Higgins is not gay.

The mistake was a whopper, and the fault was mine,” writes Monogan, who blogged about Ireland for the site. He intended that sobriquet for David Norris, Higgins’ onetime political rival.

Monagan then turns his fire on Forbes, not for making the mistake but for creating the conditions under which such an error could grow and spread.

“The fact is that Forbes, as a corporate communication enterprise, is now consumed by a mathematical game of just generating ‘hits,’ he writes. His base pay of $200 month worked out to less than $3 an hour for the 40 hours he spent on writing his agreed-upon four posts, Monagan says.

It has been a glorious summer in Ireland this year, with other distractions and responsibilities. All of a sudden, I found myself three articles short as July wound down. So after 16 hours of work on the Samantha Power article – for $50 (€38) – I hit the “post” button without that last, last review critical to my lifelong trade. And apparently, not one person at Forbes bothered a look as the post went global.

“[T]he guardians of the truth-seeking process are disappearing, foremost with that powerhouse of breaking news, Forbes,” Monagan says.

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  • Steve McNally

    I approach with my own PoV here, but my read of the quote referenced is

    “I did a crap job.
    I am not to be entrusted with managing my own time
    or adhering to minimal standards of journalism
    or basic human intelligence(*).
    And it’s my publisher’s fault for allowing me to do so.
    Please stop me before I’m compelled to spew unsubstantiated crap again.”

    Is that about the size of it?

    And that’s before we even get to the problematic label identified by ishmaeldaro and others.

    (* “Don’t state as fact something you don’t know to be so” isn’t reserved for professionals)

  • TimT9999

    Glad I asked!

  • http://www.thegraphicmac.com/ JimD

    No. I’m saying you’re pretty much dead-on about the “short on news and full of hype” articles, along with the linkbait headlines. So, by your measure of if the headline appears to be linkbait you won’t read it, then it is my guess that you don’t read Forbes tech articles — since pretty much every last one of them is poor-at-best with a linkbait headline.

  • refsareouttolunch

    My point was, the homosexual movement wants everyone to believe it is a perfectly normal lifestyle choice. For example, if this reporter wrote in his story that the Irish President was married and in fact he was single would he still be forced to resign. I don’t think so, he would be writing a little correction blurb on about page 15 the following day. If homosexuality is as normal and accepted as we are led to believe then why wasn’t a little correction blurb written and the matter dropped. Someone is being a little to easily offended and thus maybe perhaps “homophobic”.

  • TimT9999

    I’ve read 50 or so over the last 5 years and occasionally I still get suckered into reading one. So I feel I’ve given Forbes a fair shot, Jim, based on personal experience.

    Are you suggesting I continue with a media organization that disappoints in hopes that they will eventually get it together? Or are you saying you like the quality you’ve seen coming out of Forbes? I’m not sure of your point.

  • http://www.thegraphicmac.com/ JimD

    So basically, you don’t read Forbes’ tech articles, right?

  • mdelvecchio

    youre focused on the wrong element. being a journalist means an eye for accuracy and facts and telling truth. if youre instead spreading rumors you fail at journalism and get fired.

  • David

    No he is not. Far from it.

  • TimT9999

    I can’t say I’m surprised about the situation at Forbes described by Monagan. I’ve read so many tech articles at Forbes that are short on news and full of hype and attitude. I’ve learned to check out the headline first. If the headline seems designed to deliver clicks, I know the article won’t deliver any insight. Fortune’s tech writers are far better.

  • http://ElephantsPaycheck.com/ Elephant’s Paycheck

    I’m not sure how that’s an error of oversight, but I do agree with the gist of the post. Craft? Out the window. Time for quality product? Gone too. There are way bigger things being done with less attention than this article, and it’s only a matter of time before something of import fails big.

  • refsareouttolunch

    I thought homosexuality was considered normal in today’s world. So if he mistakenly called someone that, I don’t see what the big deal is. Is the Irish President Homophobic?

  • abeaujon

    I agree. It sounds as if one is confessing.

  • ishmaeldaro

    The label “acknowledged homosexual” is kind of problematic regardless of whether you pin it to the right person or not.