Playboy among most accurate magazines, Grammarly finds

The editing service Grammarly looked at articles in top men’s and women’s magazines, checking for “spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.” The most accurate men’s magazine it found was GQ. Ladies’ Home Journal was the most accurate women’s title. Playboy was No. 4 on Grammarly’s list of accurate men’s magazines, the same position held by Family Circle on its list of women’s mags.

Click the infographic below to view it bigger:

The men’s magazines Grammarly backread were more accurate on average, chalking up 0.9 mistakes per 100 words compared to 1.4 mistakes per 100 words in women’s titles. But the women’s magazines walloped men’s mags in terms of readership, pulling in 3,150,616 readers as opposed to 1,043,580.

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  • Kelly Robinson

    While checking magazines for grammar is interesting, I don’t understand why women were pitted against men. It seems like an unnecessary and invented reason to criticize whichever sex loses. I’m more interested in the titles of the magazines than the organs of the readers.

  • bigyaz

    Accurate? They checked for “spelling, grammar and punctuation errors,” not errors of fact. As an ex-copy editor I’m all for proper spelling and usage, but that’s not any editor’s definition of accuracy.