Shreveport Times apologizes for fronting story about local Muslims on 9/11

Shreveport Times
Michele Marcotte’s story about how members of the Islamic community in the Shreveport, La., region were coping 12 years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, led The (Shreveport, La.) Times Wednesday.

Thursday, the paper apologized. Marcotte’s piece “was an important story to share, but it should not have been the main story Wednesday or run on a different day,” President and Publisher Judi Terzotis writes.

I want you to know that not doing enough to put the coverage is registered and understood. Our team heard your voices and realized the missed opportunity.

Terzotis’ note doesn’t address why the story quoted just one local Muslim.

The story itself has a few comments, including one from Karen Lord Collier that objects to the paper putting “a picture of a Muslin on the front page on the 911 Anniversary.” The paper’s picture of Khurshid Kahn particularly rankled Collier: “Mr. Kahn may be a nice person himself but the fact that he is a Muslin just throws it in the face of those killed on that day.”

Thursday’s Times front goes in a slightly different direction:

Image courtesy the Newseum

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  • Sulayman

    No, “they” do not hate us. All 1.5 Billion Muslims don’t hate America, the terrorists do, and Muslims hate the terrorists. Go make friends with a few and learn something.

  • Sulayman

    Your proof is linking to a bigot’s site? Haha. If you don’t believe me that hate crimes are up, go read the FBI’s published statistics.

  • Kathy Shaidle
  • Kathryn Javins

    It is just too bad that they showed a Muslin. I prefer flannel or fleece, myself.

  • canardnoir

    You’re absolutely correct!

    It appears that the Brotherhood, along with all other related groups in the oil-rich nations do hate us.

    It also appears that very little adverse news coverage has been given to their mandate to the Christian communities that exist inside Syria: Convert, or die!

    Maybe our editorial brain trust doesn’t want to purvey a negative image of their mindset while our failed foreign policy muddles FORWARD?

  • canardnoir

    The Bossier City casinos?

  • canardnoir

    This is exactly the type of editorial stupidity that reaffirms the death sentence for some newspapers.

    Common sense would have dictated a different news budget protocol – even to the point that:

    1) they still hate us – just look at AAZ’s most recent video blurp calling for all Muslims, big & small, to attack the U.S. on our own soil;

    2) besides, someone needs to remind these news-management geniuses that it wasn’t the Southern Baptist, or Methodists, or Church of Christ members who terrorized Americans back in 2000, but in fact it was allegedly-radical Muslims; and

    3) call this editorializing take on the “news” an effort to avoid profiling of what our courts have decreed a legitimate religion if you so desire, but realize that it was the lives of American citizens that were lost, over and above any so-called affiliated “religious” sect – and those lost should should always remain as the only group to be featured on the front page. And their alleged discrimination is a moot point hereafter…

  • Jimmy Allen

    Yes, Duston, I also noticed that the photograph was rather ill chosen.

    It is understandable that the Times apologized after raising the ire of local folks here in Northwest Louisiana. The article was on the front page and did not appear to be an op-ed; it appeared to be a “news story”. The Times is in the business of selling newspapers, so it listens to feedback. I am not a fan of The Times, nor any other news source; the media has a tendency to slant their stories as they wish
    There is a large Air Force Base across the river from Shreveport. Many of the men and women thereon have served and continue to serve in the Middle East. A large number of retired military and active duty personnel live here.
    We tend to be rather conservative and very patriotic in our little corner of the world. I am also aware that there are a number of folks around here who harbor “…backward-minded idiots’ bigotry..”
    I do, however, remember watching the celebrating being done by the people of the Muslim nations on 11 September 2001 ; it wasn’t just the radical terrorists, either. It appeared to be the entire Muslim world. Therefor, I have little regard for the plight of Muslims who live in this country, or elsewhere for that matter. The Muslim folks are free to live where they wish and worship and dress as they wish. I do not have to like seeing them though. Am I judging the entire Muslim world by the actions of a few? Sure. Do I look with suspicion at Muslims clothed in traditional garb? Sure. That is my prerogative. You may consider me a backward minded idiot bigot. I could not care less about anyone’s opinion of me.
    To place that story on the front page of a newspaper in this community on the anniversary of 11 September 2001 was also, in my opinion, both tasteless and foolish.

  • Sulayman

    It’s Shreveport, people! What 9/11-related news can you cover? Talking to local residents about how they and their community has coped is a great idea, and considering that American Muslims have suffered the greatest jump in post-9/11 hate crimes, it makes sense.

  • DustonBarto

    Anyone else notice that the bad angle of the photographer makes the US flag appear inverted?
    Why should a newspaper apologize for running an op-ed article just to coddle to some backward-minded idiots’ bigotry?