No one tells you about brown-bag lunches in j-school, TV reporter says


Self-catering is the first lesson in Stephanie Tsoflias’ Mediabistro video about the “Top Five Things I Didn’t Learn in J-School.”

“You’re going to be the only person over 30 to pack a brown-bag lunch,” she says. “That’s because it’s the only balanced meal you’ll get that day, and plus you don’t want to spend every penny you’re making.”

More advice from Tsoflias: Always pack long underwear, unless you’re working in Florida or somewhere else that’s usually warm. “Wear them, own them, stock up on them, and don’t be embarrassed.”

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  • SFMH57

    Perhaps she was indulging in online theater? NOW we get it! And we have been what she hoped for: wonderful spectators? : )

  • JTFloore

    nothing you said contradicts anything that I said. I worked at small newspapers back then, too, two of them, and I don’t recall a single colleague ever packing a sack lunch to bring to work, as ms. tsoflias says was/is the norm. similarly, I and my colleagues were off when the 8-9- hr day ended, except for those rare occasions when a significant story suddenly broke. she indicates otherwise. I suspect her crack about long johns was meant to be more clever and cute than particularly factual. yes, stories are everywhere, but no one expected you back then or now to work 24/7 until you’ve written all of them, every single one.

  • SFMH57

    I worked where she worked or to which she refers with her tips: on several daily and twice-weekly newspapers in Middle America. In the 1970s and 1980s. The work done there and then was not for the dainty and it had little to do with what we now call “the media.” It didn’t pay all that well even with lots of jobs or with unions, but the people who did that work were united in a mission to cover the news, inform their communities, expose the wrongs, fight for right, and do it all as well as possible. Yes, most of those news outlets — broadcast and print — and the jobs at them are, sadly, gone.

  • SFMH57

    Yeah, ditzy goofy. I was hoping she’s also mention that in addition to the long johns you better make sure you also have a snow shovel in the trunk of your car. And a bag of cat litter to throw under the tires for traction. Yeah, been there.

  • sargeh

    How inane can you get? Did someone at Poynter really see some news value in this ditzy clip?

  • JTFloore

    my guess is a whole lot of people in “the media” did not experience 1-3 very much if at all. I didn’t.
    where did she work?