The police report from alleged Dan Nainan-Josh Rogin incident

Comedian Dan Nainan assaulted Daily Beast reporter Josh Rogin Wednesday night in Washington, D.C., police say.

Rogin had tweeted criticism of Nainan’s comedy act before the purported incident, which the report classifies as simple assault. D.C. police spokesperson Araz Alali confirmed in a phone call that Nainan was arrested last night at the club’s address.

On the listed date and time, V-1 reports he was punched in the face by O-1 with a closed fist and then pushed. V-1 further reports that O-1 walked away and returned to strike V-1 in the face with a closed fist. W-1 also reports that he observed O-1 punch V-1 in the face with a closed fist.

Here’s the report. I blacked out Rogin’s address and phone number.

Police report from Dan Nainan’s alleged assault on Josh Rogin

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  • JTFloore

    can’t he take a joke? maybe he be in da wrong bidness.

  • LaurenceGlavin

    On his website, he claims to offer “clean comedy” because he’s a Christian. He also claims to be a classically-trained pianist (there’s a video of him playing a piece by the Poland-born composer Chopin). Punching people in the jaw can do damage to the assaulter’s hand!

  • Neill Augustine

    Why do people insist on hiding behind the “alleged”word as if it’s a magic talisman that is going to protect them from harm? And even now, with a police report in hand stating unequivocally that he was struck, why still call it an ‘alleged’ incident? IT HAPPENED!