Ad campaign: Florida has more newspaper readers than alligators

National Newspaper Week begins Oct. 6, and its organizers have released 37 state-specific ads celebrating the Daily Miracles. Most take a fact about the state they serve and compare it to statistics about newspaper readers, such as Louisiana’s “Who dat? Dat’s Louisiana’s newspaper readers filling the Superdome 36 times!

Here are some of my favorite ads from the series. Click to view bigger versions.

Minnesota may have a lot of loons, but you’re not loony if you read the newspaper!

Oregon produces more than a million barrels of beer. But it produces more adults who read the newspaper, in whatever condition.
Georgia’s ad takes a similar agricultural tack, and urges that you “plant your seeds in Georgia newspapers.”
Finally, Florida would like you to know it has more newspaper readers than alligators.

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  • Andy Boyle

    I wonder if they are aware the website is, in fact, for a newspaper in the state of Illinois. More precisely, a newspaper in the city of Chicago, and not, as they seem to think, in Oregon.

  • JTFloore

    why do the sponsors of this campaign think a follow-the-leader focus like this will be more effective than telling readers exactly WHY they, as individuals, as families, should read a newspaper, exactly WHAT do they get, and exactly what do they NEED TO KNOW to have better, safer lives? taxes going up? waste and corruption at city hall? judges and cops run amok? major zoning changes that affect neighborhoods? quality of schools? college tuition soaring? why? is the neighborhood creek so polluted it will kill your dog — and your kid — if he drinks the water? why? is one hospital safer than another? why? does one hospital charge much more for the same treatment than others? why? etc. etc. etc.

    the list is endless. but this campaign says the reason to read a newspaper, at least in florida, is because the state already has a lot more newspaper readers than alligators. wtf. please.