The Committee to Protect Journalists will release a report on U.S. press freedom Oct. 10. Leonard Downie Jr., a former Washington Post executive editor and current Arizona State University professor, has written an article based on the report for the Post.

After the New York Times published a 2012 story by David E. Sanger about covert cyberattacks by the United States and Israel against Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities, federal prosecutors and the FBI questioned scores of officials throughout the government who were identified in computer analyses of phone, text and e-mail records as having contact with Sanger.

“A memo went out from the chief of staff a year ago to White House employees and the intelligence agencies that told people to freeze and retain any e-mail, and presumably phone logs, of communications with me,” Sanger said. As a result, longtime sources no longer talk to him. “They tell me: ‘David, I love you, but don’t e-mail me. Let’s don’t chat until this blows over.’ ”

Sanger, who has worked for the Times in Washington for two decades, said, “This is most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered.”

Leonard Downie Jr., The Washington Post

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  • JTFloore

    your remarks/questions veer off into media issues my comments did not address at all. otherwise, my arguments stand on their own.

  • JTFloore

    “mainstream media”? huh? what do you call faux noise? and right-wing talk radio? non-mainstream media? they are every bit as much of “the media” as anyone else. and the fundamental lunacy of much of radical-right radio is blasting 24 hours every single day nonstop.

    if the so-called mainstream media is as almighty powerful as some would have us believe, then there wouldn’t have been a bush jr. (twice) or bush sr, or reagan (twice) or, god knows, nixon (twice). the alleged power of the “mainstream media” is a myth fabricated by the delusional right wing.

  • roadgeek

    The mainstream media carried his water and helped get him elected. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

  • sargeh

    No surprise here.