Deaths at TV station underscore danger to journalists in Iraq

Al Jazeera | The New York Times

The deaths of five people following an assault on an Iraqi television station in Tikrit on Monday have raised fears that militants are escalating their attacks on journalists in the midst of the country’s ongoing violence.

Al Jazeera, citing officials, reported the dead included the station’s “chief news editor, a copy editor, a producer, a presenter and the archives manager.”

According to The New York Times, five suicide bombers attacked the station then fought with security forces for hours before they “either blew themselves up or were killed… .”

The assault in Tikrit, about 100 miles northwest of Baghdad, appears to open a new, deadlier phase in a vicious campaign by militants with Al Qaeda against journalists. As the overall level of violence increases, it has added to the sense here that the country is on a steady slide back to the bloodiest days of the past decade.

In Mosul, five journalists have died in the last three months, the Times said, including one who was killed in public while reporting.

Worldwide, 63 journalists have been killed this year thus far, the Committee to Protect Journalists reports. Iraq ranks second to Syria as the most dangerous country for journalists.

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  • JTFloore

    oh, THAT embrace the suck.

  • JTFloore

    “embrace the suck”?

  • Thomas Townsend

    It’s NOT just dangerous to Journalists. It’s Dangerous to the local population of Iraqis just wanting to live without the fear of dying at the Hands of Extremists. It’s really appalling that Journalists single themselves out in this article. U.S. Journalists are just as much to blame for these deaths as are the people that did the killing. Why? Because many slanted the reporting leading up to the exit of US Troops and mis-reported,lied, cajoled the American Public in supporting Obama’s lack to Responsibly engage the Iraqi Govt on keeping a US Troop presence in Iraq. The US has the unique capability and training to assist with this….but Obama wanted to have this Feather in his Hat “That He Ended the War” and brought ALL the troops home, so he could use it in his re-election bid. Which is Exactly what transpired. As one Liberal Politician stated recently “Embrace the Suck” cause your part of the Problem.