CNN laid off more than 40 journalists at end of 2013

Financial Times

CNN and HLN “laid off more than 40 senior journalists in its newsgathering operation” at the end of 2013, Matthew Garrahan reports in the Financial Times.

The cuts “coincide with changes to the network’s programming,” Garrahan writes. CNN President Jeff Zucker “has hired new presenters and diversified CNN’s output, adding documentary and reality series to its traditional live news coverage.”

The layoffs were concentrated in Washington, Atlanta and Los Angeles, Garrahan reports.

A CNN spokesperson said it would add about 100 people to its headcount this year, adding that the network was investing in journalism. “We’re expanding the definition of news,” she said. “We’re not abandoning news by any stretch of the imagination . . . there will be more people working at CNN today than last year.”

Last November The Wrap reported CNN had laid off producers as “part of a plan to restructure the cable news network’s approach to entertainment coverage.” FTV Live reported on some cuts Dec. 23.

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  • YeaAightWhateva

    so I`m 24 and I know plenty of people my age and we all watch the news…and not this crap your talking about…when are ppl going to get out of limiting people based on dumb sh*t like age, race, and gender….and heads up, a lot of us get our news from other places besides CNN..I don`t even watch them…at this point we all know if you want real news your going to have to seek it out and it won`t come from CNN or some other major networks….

  • YeaAightWhateva

    so i guess CNN and HLN are going straight hell now….

  • Fair and Balanced

    The liberals are probably blaming everyone else but CNN and their lack of ethics, honesty and integrity.

  • Bambi

    Remember when CNN was the standard!
    Any news we heard or read wasn’t 100% true until we saw it on CNN.

  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    Serious journalists left CNN??
    Give me a break.
    They just help the politicians in turn to tell more lies to the public.
    Actually Aljazeera has a good program on right now is on the Listening Post the title is:

    Turkey: The media sub-plot.
    The journalists on t.v. are just acting.

  • bigdawgman

    The serious journalists left CNN for Aljazeera. Unfortunately, I switched to Charter and I can’t get AJAM. RT is too far left for me.

  • bigdawgman

    Al-Jazeera America.

  • OldManPar

    They chase that demographic because they think that’s where the money is. It doesn’t seem matter to matter to them that it has distorted what is ostensibly their core mission — as long as they can sell sizzle instead of steak, that’s what they’ll do.

    It’s pseudo-journalism, and that trend all began when the broadcast networks started folding their news divisions into their entertainment divisions and making them profit centers, and CNN is like ABC and chasing the money. In ABC’s case, their news division has turned into a huge PR department for the other Disney properties because Disney cares more about “synergy” than it does informing the public.

    The shame of all of this is that they’ll all tell you with a straight face that they follow in the footsteps of Edward R. Murrow, Cronkite and others in presenting a balanced view of the world.

  • nycee

    “Reality series”? It’s dead, Jim.

  • hp b

    And NBC should also be put out of its misery for attempting to frame Zimmerman in front of God and everyone with their fake audio tape rigging and then lying about it.

  • hp b

    Nobody likes a liar.
    Perhaps their viewership will increase if their neo-fascist corporate owners have the government pass laws saying we must watch CNN. You know, like all the phony baloney laws saying we must like o and so’ who we actually, in truth find incredibly repugnant.
    This is The US of Everything Is Illegal (or pending).

  • TexasOwl

    Interesting that this story comes out about the same time as an interview with Brian Stetler, who took over CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” In the interview, Stetler comments that CNN “hired a 28-year-old. That may say something.”

    It certainly does …

  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    CNN should shut down.
    But they refused I think they have their hands on Aljazeera because all the CNN anchors and I am sure other CNN journalists are working behind the scenes in Aljazeera.
    So disappointing.
    And on top RT hires Larry King what bunch of nonsense.
    I thought the public had now better choices with Aljazeera and RT for news and it turns out that blight has infected them.

  • Jarrad Williams

    Investing in journalism? Practicing journalism will probably bring in the viewers.

  • John the Anon

    Thanks for the laugh!

  • Kenneth Conway

    But what about Kanye and Kim’s trip to the chiropractor?

  • Dave

    Sorry CNN, you can’t “expand the definition of news”. You can change your programming, but everyone else is still doing news as it exists, not stuffing the channel with horrible non-news things and calling it news.

    CNN’s dead. Long live whoever comes in and brings actual news back to TV instead of this nonsense about Justin Bieber.

    Chasing the 18-24 demographic for news is the dumbest possible thing you can do.