Do not videobomb this Weather Channel meteorologist, or he’ll knee you

The Weather Channel

Both South Carolina and Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore got hit Tuesday, kind of at the same time. For South Carolina, it was Winter Storm Leon. For Cantore, it was some dude.

Cantore handled both:

According to Cantore’s bio for The Weather Channel, he “is an avid skier, golfer and gardener.” There’s no mention of mixed martial arts. On his Twitter account, Cantore retweeted a quieter, less attacker-filled moment before filming in Charleston, S.C., then went right back to tweeting about the weather.

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  • SkillSets

    Winter storms have no name. You’d think the Poynty Heads would know better. Fact-check, or re-written Weather Channel news release?

  • canardnoir

    And so goes the Weather Channel – since NBC acquired the weather group it’s been a downhill run. And bringing in Al, only goes to signal that he’s on his way out from the declining Today Show and NBC. Not that the national network has ever made many great talent and/or branding moves.

    Then the weather group started this naming storms, like they were NOAA’s National Hurricane Center for winter weather events! What a bold branding move. Not to mention the lack of any additional on camera attractions, like Steph and Mike.

    Now and since Direct TV dropped them, they want folks to switch to Dish? Like they’d command their following to follow – Please!

  • PolishBear

    “Winter Storm Leon?” What gives you the impression this snow storm had a name? Since when have snow events EVER had names? Hurricanes and typhoons have names, given to them by the appropriate government agency. Snow storms do NOT have names. The National Weather Service (NWS) hasn’t named the snow, nor has the National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Neither the NWS, NOAA, nor anyone I know is referring to this weather system as “Leon.”

    Oh, WAIT A MINUTE. You must be referring to The Weather Channel. Yes, in what can only be described as a shameless, pretentious publicity stunt, they have taken it upon themselves to start naming every snow event that comes along, and in the process they have become a bit of a laughingstock. Who knows? Maybe this summer, when things have started quieting down, they’ll start naming HEAT WAVES!

    It makes you wonder how we ever survived the old days when snow was just called SNOW, not given a cute name by The Weather Channel, which is owned by NBC and not the government. Is it REALLY necessary to pander to their sense of self-importance?