What you can learn about video storytelling from the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial

I often use commercials as ways to teach journalists how to write compelling stories. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” Super Bowl commercial gives me one of the best examples of video storytelling that I have seen in years.

So let me walk you frame-by-frame through the ad. The story teaches us how to build tension, how to use the “rule of threes,” how to find narrow focus and how to build to the big explosion at the end of the piece — the payoff.

Great stories have so much in common with this commercial. They have tension, context and an explosion of action. They are highly focused and don’t get distracted by characters who never pay off. You don’t need music, horses or puppies to tell a story.  Stick to the fundamentals that work every time.

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  • Mike Cavender

    An outstanding analysis, Al…and spot on when it comes to video storytelling. 60 seconds everybody can learn from!

  • Bob Adams

    Great lesson, Al.

  • http://www.aquademica.se/besiktning/vattenskada/ vattenskada

    Interesting to see … thank you it’s well done :)

  • http://www.visin.com/ Thomas Townsend

    Video storytelling appeals to all our visual senses for sure. That is a very well done commercial.
    I am not at the professional level of this production, but I am attempting to break NEW ground in my own work. I have segmented short incremental vignettes that convey a combined message. The end result is to build enough interest to gain the Push of a button…to BID Please check it out and let me know your thoughts. You can find it at http://www.hire4bid.com