Purdue University will investigate police treatment of student reporter

Purdue University’s Office of Legal Counsel responded to requests for an investigation from the student newspaper and the National Press Photographers Association over the Jan. 21 detention of student photojournalist Michael Takeda.

The letter, from legal counsel Steven Schultz, follows.

Purdue response to NPAA by Andrew Beaujon

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  • dhsimmons

    “At the same time, we hope there would be some understanding, from even the most ardent protectors of our civil liberties, of the extreme pressures and difficulties faced by first responders whose first duty in such critical moments is and must be the protection of students and other bystanders. Just as we share your commitment to the principles enshrined in the First Amendment, we are hesitant to second-guess the essential and often life-saving judgment calls made on the spot by brave men and women who risk their lives to ensure the safety of others in situations of high stress and potentially great danger.”

    Translation: we have already decided to whitewash this and the investigation is a formality designed only to get you to go away.

  • JH

    Thankfully the university is doing something. It’s sad enough the university employs goons like that police officer, but then to rubber stamp that behavior?

  • Lafollette

    That thin blue line crap always comes out every time a cop does something stupid and/or brutal. It’s more dangerous, by the way, the be a farmer and we don’t give them carte blanche to mistreat other people.