‘My Love For You Will Go On Longer Than An Upworthy Headline’: Journalism valentines for 2014

10,000 Words | NPR | Huffington Post

Every year since 2009, 10,000 Words has given us Valentines for Journalists. Here’s a gem from this year.

If the journalist in your life is an NPR listener, NPR’s got their own public-radio-themed Valentines, too.

But maybe you don’t want to send a journalist a Valentine. Maybe you don’t even want a journalist as a Valentine. Shitika Anand made the case for that on Feb. 7 in the Huffington Post with “8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Journalist.”

3. They are ridiculously observant: They know when you’re lying, when you’re speaking from your heart and when you’re goddam bored. They’re trained to sense the tone of an interviewee through the phone — they’re like guard dogs at an airport — so never think you’ve said or done something that’s gone under the table. Chances are, it’ll come back to haunt you about four months and 18 days later, with a proper reference to the original scenario. Plus, some journos even come with photographic memory — that’s a whole new level of freak show!

Are you married to a journalist or dating one? Do you still bear the scars from a previous relationship with a content provider? Whatever your Facebook status, I’d like to hear from you for a Valentine’s Day feature. Email me with the best and worst things about being in a two- or one-journalist couple.

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