Comcast becomes Autobot in Taiwanese animation about Time Warner deal

Next Media Animation’s video about Comcast’s proposed purchase of Time Warner Cable does not disappoint. At one point, hoodie-clad young men with the names of various networks — ESPN, Fox, HBO — chase cable guys across a playground with machine guns blazing. But then the cable guys’ vans turn into a giant robot that vaporizes the network dudes. The robot then mugs a subscriber.

Later the new company stops the same poor schmuck from downloading a picture of a naked woman. “Sounds like a win-win situation,” the narrator says.

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  • abeaujon

    Thanks, Dan!

  • danbloom

    ”Next Media Animation” proper NAMe not “Taiwanese animation” — half the workers there are Americans — is one of the largest 3D computer animation studios in Asia, with more than 600 creators and animators based in Taipei, Taiwan. NMA additionally have offices in Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States. NMA is also the fastest 3D animation studio in the world.

  • danbloom

    Editor, please correct here and in future, re “The Taiwanese animation about Comcast’s …” – That media firm in Taiwan has a name, just like HBO and Poynter have “names” and the name of the firm is Next Media Animation, NMA, and you should ID it that way, not just some “Taiwanesey” thing. Respect other countries for a change, America, you poor schlubs!