Purdue clears police who detained student journalist

Journal & Courier | The Exponent

Police at Purdue University were within their rights to detain a student journalist and seize his camera, an investigation led by the school’s police chief determined.

Hayleigh Colombo and Dave Bangert of the (Lafayette, Ind.) Journal & Courier say the report was released on Friday afternoon. Purdue Police Chief John Cox “found that police had reason to hold Hiraku ‘Michael’ Takeda as he attempted to take pictures and check the scene in and near the Electrical Engineering Building moments after the shooting,” they report. “Cox also said he determined that Takeda’s complaints about harassment and rough treatment were unfounded.”

“He was detained because of the apprehending officers’ reasonable suspicion, supported by articulable facts, that criminal activity may be afoot based on Mr. Takeda’s entering a building they had thought was secured, not heeding their verbal commands, and attempting to flee from them,” Cox wrote.

Cox’s recommendation is that the Purdue police in the incident — unnamed in the report — should be exonerated.

Takeda was reporting on a campus shooting last month for the independent Purdue University student paper The Exponent. He “was slammed to the ground by the Purdue Police,” The Exponent reported at the time.

“Simply put, the police report whitewashes the factual nature of the complaint,” Exponent Publisher Pat Kuhnle says in a statement.

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    police a bunch of self-protecting liars supported by a phony investigation? are you kidding? come on…

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    Breaking: Cops find cops did nothing wrong.

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    There was obviously an editing error involved in this story. The phrase “…with a straight face…” should appear in the final sentence of the second graf–after the words, “Cox also said.”

    Now that we have received the meticulously-prepared report on the investigation by the police chief of the alleged misconduct of his own officers, we can turn our attention to the forthcoming exhaustive report by Syrian President Bashir al Assad in which he finds not only no evidence to support charges that his government engaged in warfare against civilians, but the even more startling discovery that one can, in fact, spell “Bashir” without “bash.”

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