Athletes, fans harass reporter who saw Penn State quarterback insult coach

Penn Live

While reporting on “State Patty’s Day” in State College, Pa., Sunday, Penn Live reporter Anna Orso saw Penn State quarterback Michael O’Connor stumble and then disparage the school’s new football coach James Franklin.



One player apparently demanded Orso delete the tweet and called her three times, Donald Gilliland reports. He and O’Connor both tweeted at Orso, then deleted their tweets. Someone tried to get into her account. Then fans began piling on: Some evinced a basic misunderstanding of what it means to be out in public (“Invasion of privacy here,” “I am surprised they can take off the record quotes and tweet them as quotes“), but other tweets were a lot less easy to dismiss:




A Penn State spokesperson says the school is “looking into the matter,” Gilliland reports.

Correction: This post originally said Orso was reporting on a St. Patrick’s Day event. She was in fact reporting on “State Patty’s Day,” the region’s annual “‘rootinest, tootinest, shootinest’ binge-drinking extravaganza.”

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  • Frank David Green

    All I know is, any time someone leads with I don’t mean to/want to sound like a _____ but, They are usually about to say some of the most racist, sexist,classist, just plain meanest statement you have heard. So um…what was learned from the Sandusky scandal about protecting the program above human decency? (Probably that its ok to try Joe Pa in the court of public opinion but not the statements of a drunk starting quarterback)

  • AD

    Is “The Log” familiar with Click on the user’s name, “Pat Chambers,” to be transported hyperactively to the user’s account page. There you will learn that the “Pat Chambers” appearing in the above post is not actually the Pat Chambers who coaches PSU’s men’s basketball team but a self-described satirist.

    Keep Logging.

  • Work Avoidance Log

    Here is the entire text of “that last one:”

    “@anna_orso @TheTrueQB I saw Anna Orso putting on quite a show at the End Zone last weekend…almost fell off the pole. Worth reporting…”

    The Log doesn’t see any words that translate to “this here is satirical.”

    But admittedly, The Log is not fluent in Drunk Apologist, or its regional dialect, Drunk Enabler, and in high school, the required Spanish class was offered at the same time as the elective Misogyny, so missed that one, too. Looks like you paid attention.

    Back to Work:

  • AD

    That last one is self-described as “satirical.” Doesn’t make it right, but that may provide some context.