The Washington Post issued a correction after stripping Jesus of his title as founder of the Roman Catholic Church:

Articles on April 25 and 26 about Pope Benedict XVI said that St. Peter was the founder of the Roman Catholic Church. According to the church, Jesus was the founder.

Correction: This Post correction was originally published in 2005. It was my fault to not verify the date before publishing. I saw it tweeted this morning and should have done that before assuming it was recent. My apologies.

Hat tip to Dave Weigel

Washington Post

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  • Jared White

    The Roman Catholic Church as we know it today, or anything resembling it even in part, was NOT founded by Jesus, nor was it founded by Peter. It arose out of an evolution over hundreds of years of amassed traditions of partially pagan origin — itself a process that first began almost a century after Jesus’ earthly ministry. I don’t state this as an apologist for an alternate institution (such as a Protestant denomination)…virtually all Christian church organizations operate based on traditions that are not part of the Biblical historical narrative. For an excellent in-depth history that describes all this, please read Pagan Christianity by George Barna and Frank Viola.