CNN’s ratings for missing plane on par with election coverage

Bloomberg Businessweek | Pew

Laugh it up, Jon Stewart: CNN’s coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 drew average weekly ratings on par with the 2012 U.S. presidential election, Eric Chemi reports.

“Let media critics howl,” Chemi writes. “In truth, viewers come in droves to CNN when there are big global news events. For all the talk about the increasingly fragmented world of television audiences, CNN’s saturation-coverage strategy works.”

Almost half of the people surveyed by Pew thought media outlets provided the right amount of coverage of the missing plane.

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  • DrSkeep

    Who are the CNN/Missing Aircraft audience? I fear for my children’s future.

  • johnsmart

    CNN is embarrassing.

  • harryeagar

    He misses Stewart’s point, which was that it is (appears to be) impossible to fill up that amount of time with real news, so CNN went all Weekly World News on it.

  • markisenberg

    CNN has suffered for decades from anchors not being always in touch with what stories are developing important news vs. fluff. It started with the little Texas girl in the backyard well long ago. It has continued under Wolf Blitzer’s domain for too long. Jon Stewart lambasted CNN Crossfire long ago and he was right then and is still correct with the overcoverage of a plane tragedy in the Indian Ocean. Don Lemon is made to look stupid among others asking panelists if there are psychic or religious overtones to this unique event.