Jon Swaine writes about Johnathan Davis and Etienne Uzac, the owners of IBT Media and Newsweek, who “come with a backstory that is unusual for the mainstream media.” They reportedly met in Christian fellowships and have been linked to a Korean pastor and an evangelical college:

In a Facebook post in February 2013, Davis described as “shockingly accurate” an op-ed article written by Christopher Doyle, the director of the International Healing Foundation (IHF), which works to convert gay people. Davis said it “cuts like a hot knife through a buttery block of lies”. …

When asked if he believed that gay people could be cured, Davis said: “Whether I do or not, I’m not sure how that has any bearing on my capacity here as the founder of the company. I’m not sure how it’s relevant. People believe all sorts of weird things. But from a professional capacity, it’s unrelated.” The post was then removed from his Facebook page.

Jon Swaine, The Guardian

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  • Mary Charvet

    I am sure he doesn’t like Hitler. it’s impossible to like that guy.
    the owner says maybe gays can be cured. it is possible that he is straight man with family so he doesn’t know how that works.
    will you be satisfied if he leaves his wife and become gay?
    yes ppl can turn gay even after marriage, therefore he should?
    no need to teach how to be gay. no need to teach how to become straight.
    we need to co exist with respect for each other.

  • Mary Charvet

    Don’t attack straight guys. Give them the same right gays

  • danbloom

    It is not unrelated. It is very germane. If the man was a believer in Hitler and espoused antisemitism in 1930s and 1940s Germany, would that also be “not related”? No way. The item is very germane.

  • sargeh

    Yes, Poynter folks, how does that relate to his capacity with the company?