Entertainment Weekly lays off Owen Gleiberman and six others

Entertainment Weekly laid off seven staffers Wednesday: Film critic Owen Gleiberman, senior writer Josh Rottenberg, staff writer Annie Barrett, music critic Nick Catucci, senior editor Kerrie Mitchell, deputy design director David Schlow and product director Chad Schlegel.

Contrary to the impression left by a report by Keith Kelly in the New York Post, Executive Editor Jason Adams was not laid off, EW spokesperson Beth Jacobson tells Poynter in an email. “Jason chose to leave EW and he decided while Jess Cagle was still editor of EW. Keith’s column is inaccurate in the way he portrayed Jason’s departure,” Jacobson writes.

Cagle was named editor of EW in 2009. In January he was named editor of People, another Time Inc. magazine. Matt Bean was named EW’s editor the following month. EW film critic Lisa Schwarzbaum took a buyout last February.

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  • Newzheimer

    We’re watching the death of what was once a fairly great magazine in front of our eyes. It’s just sad. Really, really sad.

  • TyRenee

    Sure, I’m empathetic for ANYONE who loses their job but I wish this must remorse was shown for the millions of people who’ve lost their jobs since the recession. Like I said, she isn’t exempt. Too bad. I’m sure she will bounce back since she has a dedicated following.

  • MK

    Did I say that she, above everyone else, should be exempt from real life? I must have missed that. Your attempt to put me in my place for some imagined transgression made you look anything but empathetic to those losing their jobs overall. Either that or you took personally whatever you think whatever I was alluding to, due to personal experience – I’m hoping that’s not the case.
    And yeah, I live in the real world. My family experienced a long layoff last year of someone that happens to be great at his job, and it’s scary and no fun, just like I’m sure that it isn’t fun for the people listed above that work for a living and are now jobless. Get over yourself.

  • TyRenee

    So of all people who are laid off in America, she’s supposed to be exempt from what’s real life? Please. There are millions of people who are great at their jobs but business forecasts forces lay offs. Welcome to the real world.

  • MK

    Can’t believe Annie Barrett was let go. What a loss for her readers.