Star-Ledger lays off 167

The Star-Ledger

The (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger will cut about 25 percent of its newsroom today, Ted Sherman and Mark Mueller report. Of the 167 cuts total at the paper, about 40 will come from the newsroom. is also being hit.

The Advance-owned paper last week announced the creation of a new company called NJ Advance Media. Following the script set at other Advance properties, the new company will publish the Star-Ledger, and other newspapers.

The cuts aren’t necessarily immediate, Sherman and Mueller report:

In packets that were being handed out this morning, those being told their jobs were being eliminated were offered severance packages if they agreed to stay with the newspaper until NJ Advance Media, new media company being formed, is up and running.

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  • Joseph Pinsker

    I didn’t say they should ignore it, but they make much more of the story than it is. They publish articles designed to just keep the issue in the news with no actual relevant news in them. That is more than reporting, it is political activism disguised as journalism. Its barely more than having a counter on the front page saying “6 weeks since Christie bridge story broke, just reminding you, Christie closed the bridge, but we have no evidence yet that he knew about it, but we’ll keep mentioning it and telling you his poll numbers are down because of it.”

    (And what happened to “no anonymous posts?)

  • Guest

    Newspapers should ignore it when major traffic arteries are shut down by state officials, using public funds, as political payback against a local mayor, endangering and inconveniencing thousands of taxpayers?

  • Joseph Pinsker

    Don’t they need those people to come up with ridiculous stories about “bridgegate” and keep it on the front page for the next two years? I don’t think they have missed a day since the story broke.

  • oatka

    It is easy to consolidate your news gathering sources when you just copy White House press releases.