Hillary Clinton: The world needs more explanatory journalism

CNN | The Hartford Courant | Vox

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sees the need for more explanatory journalism, Dan Merica reported for CNN on Wednesday. Clinton spoke at the University of Connecticut.

Clinton’s comments came as part of the question and answer portion to Wednesday’s event. University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst asked Clinton about how journalism has changed and whether journalists could help break gridlock that has halted work in Washington.

The former secretary of state went on to say that she feels there is a space for “explanatory journalism because there’s a lot going on in the world that needs explanation.”

Daniela Altimari covered the event for The Hartford Courant and also included Clinton’s statement.

“There’s a lot going on in the world that needs explanation,” she said. “We need better information, more effectively delivered.”

On April 18, Vox did a little explaining with a piece by Matthew Yglesias entitled “What Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy means for 2016.”

There’s evidently considerable media interest in Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy, including a big cover on the Drudge Report and a Politico proclamation that it is “a politico-obstetric earthquake.” People are curious, obviously, as to how this will impact the 2016 presidential race. Fortunately, the answer is pretty clear —— not at all.

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  • canardnoir

    Say what?: “The world needs more explanatory journalism”

    Maybe she could help better explain what happened to Vince Foster, The Rose Law Firm billings, and State Department security issues – just for starters?

  • CarltonBensonIII

    Why did Hillary’s State Department put the gag order on interviewing any of the survivors? Why are they off limits to Congressional investigation. What is it the survivors know that Hillary doesn’t want us to know?

  • pitriver

    That’s more time than the Democrats spent reading what was in it. They still don’t have a clue because they still haven’t read it.

  • Jakob Stagg

    Eliminate honest reporting in favor of liberal lies. We already know how that is working. Killery is the absolute last person on the planet I would trust for truth, well after King Pinocchio.

  • Gibscreen

    She was secretary of state. Way to show your bias moron.

  • Vortran

    Honestly, when I read the current news, it often leaves me with more questions than answers – most of them starting with the word “Why?” I am an engineer, not a foreign affairs consultant or political scientist. I probably don’t need an explanation for articles on OLED technology or the Large Hadron, collider. but I do not have the background to know why Vladimir Putin is interested, one way or the other, in taking over part or all of Ukraine. I actually need to have that explained to me the same way someone who is unfamiliar with semiconductors would need an explanation of the physics behind why LEDs emit photons. My guess is that it’s just as complicated, too.

  • P H

    “security recommendations”. Sort of like the recommendations that were made and ignored before the attack occurred? Meanwhile Fox news was reporting that it was a terrorist attack while the rest of the lapdog media were convinced by their friends in the administration that it was caused by an obscure youtube video.

  • Political_Poop

    … and fewer self-serving politicians

  • James Hall

    Doofus, there was a Congressional investigation, security recommendations were made and implemented and the effort to apprehend known perpetrators has been under way for more than a year. Only on FOX news do they pretend it happened yesterday and nothing has been done. Pull you head out of the bubble unless you prefer to stay stupid.

  • m_a_s

    What the news needs: more facts, less editorials and less “explanation”.
    Besides, “explanation” tends to be slanted.

  • roller coaster

    she didnt like the level of exploration when it was revealed she was cheerleading and arming the syrian coup while denying american involvemnt . she wasnt too open about the 350 000 dollar speaking fee the Carlysle Group paid her las fall . an hour and a half speech worth 350 k? does it need further exploration ?

  • James Hall

    She’s correct of course. FOX news spent over 3000 hours trashing Obamacare and about 30 minutes explaining the nuts and bolts.

  • fed up

    People that can write the best story , make their candidate look good and do the best cover ups ?

  • kahnkeller

    yea… starting with what happened at Benghazi…

  • spencer60

    How sad that the Dem ‘most likely to be President’ thinks that we all need to have the news explained to us… so we don’t misunderstand it of course.

  • Peter

    Three sentences citing what other people cited is not very explanatory.

  • dalyrymple

    Oh, yes, and the person that we need to do the explaining and deciding what we will get is Hillary Clinton, one of the criminals responsible for the cover up of the tragedy at Benghazi, one of the running dogs who told us that the incident was a result of a protest against an anti-Islamic video? Oh, yes, comrades, that’s exactly who we need to tell us what to think about the news that is reported. The fox, well in this case, the fat hen, will determine what is reported, what is to be thought about that reporting, and what policies are to be taken to remedy the situation. No, the day that this country puts this running dog, criminal socialist out of power for good, along with her reprobate husband, is the day we can truly celebrate freedom from evil in our politics….Besides Hurricane Barry, Bill and Hillary Clinton are the worst thing to ever happen to American politics. They are celebrities, not serious politicians who want to further the cause of freedom for the people…..Their whole lives on the public scene proves this statement, with their cover ups, their deceit, their dubious accumulation of wealth, and their criminal associations with enemies of the United States…They are professional politicians of the worst kind…..And it will do them no good in the end…..mark my words.

  • Bob Forsberg

    Hillary welcomes more exploratory journalism, unless it investigates her failure and resignation as Defense Secretary, Benghazi, Bill’s sexual exploits and her well documented temper tantrums and frequent loss of self control.

  • Pappa Bear

    No no and no, the last thing we need is more Explanatory, in other words, through our lens of bias, journalism. How about simply reporting the facts, and quit insulting us as though we are kindergarteners who need your explanations of facts. Please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top!! Start reporting JUST the facts, ALL the facts, and for once quit trying to decide them for us.

    Unless, of course, you have agendas that would preclude you from doing so.