Journalists react to AP’s state-names change

On Wednesday, the Associated Press announced another style change that seemed to cause more teeth-grinding and head-shaking. Starting May 1, the news co-op said, we’ll spell out state names within the bodies of stories rather than abbreviate them.

In March, Poynter wrote about the news that the AP removed the distinction between over and more than. Here’s how that one went over.

I gathered some reactions across Facebook, Twitter and our comments section on the state names news.

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  • flame821

    So in an age where people are abbreviating more and more (hellooooo Twitter) now they want everything spelled out. As a Pennsylvanian, there go a third of my Twitter character allotments. WTH, AP?

  • sargeh

    As always, media are free to ignore AP style foolishness and the sensible ones will ignore this one.