Correction: Footage was of satanic hippies, not cop’s family

This East Bay Express article by Zoe Brezsny ran in April (thank you @IMGoph for pointing it out), but this correction is to good to be ignored over mere timeliness:

Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly stated that in Black Hole Cinema’s program “Adventures Close to Home,” footage of a cop and his family were juxtaposed with shots of police training. In fact, it was home footage of satanic hippies that juxtaposed shots of police training.

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  • ljatlanta

    The correction, by the way, is fantastic. To be fair it would be relatively easy to confuse footage of satanic hippies with typical family videos. Opening gifts, enjoying grilled food, carrying out a sacrifice over a flaming pentagram …

  • ljatlanta

    I think auto-correct may have struck again: “to good to be ignored”.

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