NYT front page has a typo

And on the day of the National Spelling Bee finals, too, argh! The typo ran in all editions, New York Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy tells Poynter in an email.

Can you spot it? Here’s a zoom-in.

(Front page courtesy the Newseum.)

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  • Egg Man

    Maybe headlines are not spelled checked? I didn’t see it at first either. But this brings up another kind of typo which we will be seeing more and more of in the Times and everywhere, and that what CF Hanif has dubbed the “atomic typo” which is a typo that spell check cannot see or find because the word is actually spelled correctly but is the wrong word for that sentence in terms of context. See google for “atomic typo” or a blog at “atomictypo” in the blogspo arena. I rust my case.

  • skeets11

    It’s hard to spot these typos, your brain just fills in the gaps.

  • BrotherMatthias

    Diffuse may be correct, but it’s halting to read. The typo appears to be “reponse.”

  • Mark Stencel

    That I couldn’t spot the typo, even when I was actively looking for it, only increases my admiration for the copy editors I have worked with.

  • Deborah Kanter

    Good exercise for my Intro to Journalism class re proofreading. It took me two tries, though.

  • Fedweb

    Yep, I finally got it. Sometimes your eye sees what your brain expects.

  • http:www.carolynbahm.com cbahm

    The typo is in “reponse” (typed without the first S — should be “reSponse”). I overlooked the first few times I looked at this too!

  • Richard A Solomon

    One crisis requires a response (note this spelling with a second “s”). Multiple crises require multiple responses. Unless you’re a one-response-fits-all responder.

  • Jackie

    ahah! Thank you! I totally overlooked it :D

  • Peg Starr

    Perhaps it was a French editor? :)

  • sarah

    “Crises” is correct. Look at the word “response.”

  • Fedweb

    So what’s the typo? Diffuse is correct (“spread or cause to spread over a wide area”), and crises is the plural of crisis.

  • sarah

    “Crises” is correct. I was more confused about the header above it.

  • Jackie

    Isn’t “crises” the correct plural of crisis? or is there a different typo that I’m not seeing?

  • Jackie

    Isn’t “crises” the correct plural for crisis? Or am I missing a different typo

  • Ian Adams

    I don’t know how to repond to that…

    Of course, making light of one colleague’s typo invariably leads to making an egregious error of one’s own…