88-year-old man shoots at Detroit news crew


WXYZ’s Jonathan Carlson and a photographer were shot at Monday in Detroit outside the home of an 88-year-old man.

Carlson and the cameraman went to the man’s house because police said he’d been the victim of a home invasion. “As with many of these cases, we try to give the victim of the crime a chance to talk to us, so we can more accurately tell the story of what happened to help police find the suspects,” Carlson said.

The man came down “waving a handgun,” Carlson reports. He and the cameraman left. “As I was leaving and was on the street, the man came onto the porch, looked at me, and fired a shot from about 10 feet away,” Carlson says. They sought shelter and called police, who handcuffed the man. Carlson says another news crew down the street witnessed the shot. The man did not shoot at that crew when they tried to talk with him, WXYZ reports.

I’ve written several times about broadcast journalists who’ve been shot at while approaching people’s homes. One of those stories led to a discussion on social media about whether or not journalists should approach people’s homes. Here’s a quick archive.

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