Copy editors will love Weird Al’s new song

OK, copy editors. Put down the red pencils. Loosen the top buttons of your cardigans. Give “Weird Al” Yankovic three minutes and 46 seconds of your day, and in his new song “Word Crimes,” he will discuss:

  • The difference between “less” and “fewer”
  • How to discern between “its” and “it’s”
  • Why irony and coincidence are different things

Oh, and he takes on “literally,” too.

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  • Joy V. Smith

    I love this. It’s fun, and it has a good beat. And, as an English major, I really appreciate it. Btw, Eat It and Like a Surgeon are worth tracking down.

  • Simon DelMonte

    Probably should have avoided the word spastic. But it’s hard not to love it. Especially the little dig at Alanis.

  • KathrynDBradsher

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  • Benjamin Lukoff

    Not this one. It’s worth reading Grammar Girl’s negative take: