Valerie Wigglesworth, Holly Hacker and other great bylines

On Friday I asked people to share great journalism names (though not necessarily ones that could be mistaken for minor Star Wars characters.) Now we have a nice list going. As an added bonus, a lot of the people who made suggestions had great names themselves. I’m also going to offer up the names of pretty much everyone I work with. Ren LaForme. Lauren Klinger. Butch Ward. Wendy Wallace.Vidisha Priyanka. Vanessa Goodrum.

Here’s our list so far:

Meet Ida Lieszkovszky Hargitai.

Meet Valerie Wigglesworth, a reporter at the Dallas Morning News.

I told Eva-Marie Ayala that her name should also be on the list. It’s musical.

Here’s another great one from King Rock Writer.

Meet Holly Hacker, another reporter with a great name from the Dallas Morning News.

Can we agree that Holly Hacker has the perfect job for her name?

I agree with Dade Hayes and told him his tweet counted as Singh’s nomination. Dade Hayes is also a great name, so he’s on the list, too.

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  • Clifford Fewel

    We are self-syndicated automotive writers Clifford and Mary Fewel (cq), aka AutoCouple. People ask us what our REAL last name is. Fewel is Welsh and before Ellis Island was spelled Fewyll and pronounced FEH-weck. BTW, Hacker is also the last name of the guy who runs Lifelock data security firm in Tempe AZ.

  • Mike Lange

    Shelley Wigglesworth in Maine writes for the York County Coast Star, Yankee Magazine, National Fisherman Magazine and the Maine Lobstermen’s Association.

  • Bradminton

    In 2001 the startup Web news organization Asian Financial Intelligence (now defunct) hired as a cub reporter in Tokyo a young Irishman named Finbarr Flynn. William was his first name but he had introduced himself to us using his middle name. When he reported for duty I said we needed to settle on his byline. “William Flynn,” he said. “NO!,” said I. “You’re Finbarr Flynn.” And so he remains, currently as a Bloomberg News stalwart. What made me so vehement about Finbarr’s case was recalling the similar 1970 case of the newly hired Polly Paddock, who thought of using her given name Laura in her Charlotte Observer byline but was dissuaded with the argument that alliteration rules.

  • sargeh

    Wigglesworth really isn’t that uncommon of a name, especially in the UK. I worked with Zeke Wigglesworth in Minneapolis.