Taft Wireback, Xerxes Wilson and even more great bylines

On Friday, I wrote about some great bylines, including Valerie Wigglesworth and Holly Hacker. The story came out of a post I wrote about a Comedy Central show that played a game of “NPR Anchor or Minor Star Wars Character,” last week. Throughout the weekend, I heard even more great names and thought it was time for another post.

Here they are:

Frank Bi is a news developer at PBS NewsHour. Because of the way Newshour configures its emails, well, see for yourself.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.20.44 AM

Clifford Fewel left this comment with the story. Like Holly Hacker who works with data, Fewel has also been well-cast.

“We are self-syndicated automotive writers Clifford and Mary Fewel (cq), aka AutoCouple. People ask us what our REAL last name is. Fewel is Welsh and before Ellis Island was spelled Fewyll and pronounced FEH-weck.”

Jake New, a reporter for Inside Higher Ed, is also in the right business.

Here’s a journalist with a first and last name that would make this list on their own.

Taft Wireback is a reporter at the (Greensboro, North Carolina) News & Record. And here’s another great one.

Xerxes Wilson is a reporter for The Courier in Houma, Louisiana. He told me in an email that he goes by Lex but answers to both.

We also heard about some great names on Facebook, where the web editor of South Jersey Times online, Jim Six, told us “I had a good run with Jim Six.”

And finally, because he really does have a great name (and he’s Gary Vosot), I’m including Vosot here, too. I wrote about Vosot and what’s behind that name back in April.

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  • Egg Man

    Peter Apps writes for Reuters out of London and

    covers social media and Twitter revolutions and even Apple apps.

    copy editor at the New York Times named Peter Keepnews, whose father
    was also a journalist and a Keepnews.

    Night editor
    at WAPO by the name of Ben Pillow.

    Stuart Dredge in London.

    British journo named Will Findlater.

    In Florida, there’s a news and blog
    photographer whose byline is perhaps one of the most
    unique ever concocted by a human being. Her name is printed as Mari
    Darr~Welch, and yes, that’s a ”whatchamacallit” between Darr and
    Welch, and that’s
    exactly how her byline has appeared in some American newspapers. Don’t
    believe me? Google her. (Can Google “see” an ~?)

    Former New York Times reporter Jennifer 8. Lee, and her
    name as printed in earlier editions of the Times and still archived is
    really the numeral
    ”8” with a period after it.

  • http://www.capecodtoday.com/blogs/index.php?disp=bloggers citizenkane

    And then there was the late yeoman head of the CBS News DC bureau, Bill Headline