Who’s covering the Michael Brown shooting in St. Louis

On Saturday afternoon, Michael Brown, a teenager in St. Louis County, Missouri, was shot and killed by police. I’ve started a Twitter list of reporters who are covering the news in Ferguson, Missouri, including Saturday night’s protests and Sunday’s press conference with police officers. Who am I missing? Please send suggestions to me at khare@poynter.org or @kristenhare. I was in St. Louis Saturday night visiting family and, like many others, watched the story of Mike Brown’s death unfold on Twitter. This is some of what we saw:

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  • William Babst

    Good day everyone. I am having a Michel Brown party this weekend! Everyone is invited. We are going to start off with a thankful prayer that this little ni$$er thug is gone from the world. Next, we are going to have a shooting contest with targets that look just like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Whoever hits the targets in the exact spot where Trayvon and Michael got shot will get free purple drank for a year. Once everyone is drunk and high as a ni$$a pie, we will go looting in order to get justice for all ni$$ers shot by cops. What says “JUSTICE” better than a brand new 60″ flat screen TV? To end the night off right, we will split the girls and guys up to different sides of the room. That’s right! We will conclude with a pimp slapping contest. Regardless, if it is guy or girl, everyone is a bitch in this game. This party will be bring your own beer and drugs. I will furnish Skittles and Arizona Watermelon drank for all. See you all at the party!

  • rbruce20

    Did the reporter and camera encourage disorder? What was the scene like away from any camera? Not much reporting on the facts of the case. Did the reporter ask the protesters if they knew what exactly happened?

  • Noble_Cause

    RIP Mike Brown