More journalists arrested, released in Ferguson

On Sunday night, Sports Illustrated’s Robert Klemko, the Telegraph’s Rob Crilly and the Financial Times’ Neil Munshi tweeted that they’d been arrested by police in Ferguson, Missouri.

Klemko explains:

Crilly also tweeted that he’d been arrested.

Here are some tweets from Munshi:

If you’re following what’s happening on Twitter, Sunday night has been rough. Many reporters have tweeted that they’ve been tear-gassed (along with the public, including reports of one child.)

Akilah Johnson is a reporter with the Boston Globe:

Jesse Walker is an editor at Reason magazine:

Christopher Hayes is the host of MSNBC’s “All In”:

Tony Chambers is a photojournalist with KSDK:

Stephanie Diffin is also a journalist with KSDK:

Kyung Lah is a correspondent with CNN:

Rob Edwards is a producer with KSDK:

Here’s the live stream from KARG.

On August 13, Poynter’s Andrew Beaujon reported that Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly and The Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery were arrested in Ferguson.

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  • Evangeline

    So why are Sports Illustrated and the Financial Times even there? Do we know how many media people have descended on Ferguson? Has this turned into a big media party — the place to be?

  • Maryn McKenna

    I was watching the livestream last night, witnessed the cop pointing the gun at the KARG reporter, and followed it for about an hour afterward. During that time (close to midnight — after the timestamp of your post update) the report of gunshots was downgraded *by the police* to firecrackers.

    I mention this to point out that, if you’re going to report by pulling things from the Twitter stream, it’s important to keep updating. Anyone just reading your piece would think the cops were fired on, when that turned out not to be the case.

  • Skxawng

    Sounds like the cops are really getting getting tired of being shot at and having stuff thrown at them by the local goons. And the press are putting themselves in harm’s way a little too vigorously. This situation will not end well.

  • SoTiredOfPolitics

    Hmmmmm …..