PBS’ “Washington Week” is too white for one former viewer

From “Washington Week” host Gwen Ifill‘s chat:

Bethesda: I stopped watching your show because I don’t see any minorities on your show. Do you have a final saying to what people you choose to be on the show? They are on the show because they are experts on certain topics but you can only find experts who are white? please.
Gwen Ifill (left): We select our guest panels from the best reporters available covering the biggest stories of the week. One of the critical shortcomings in the news industry is that there are not enough folks of color working in those roles. I find that to be a hiring failure on the part of news organizations. That said, it takes more than merely being a good beat reporter to get on the show. A panelist also has to be able to tell the story to a television audience in a way that is clear, engaging and accessible.

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