Kennicott: “The main problem with the New Yorker cover…”

Washington Post
“If it’s a problem at all,” writes Philip Kennicott, “is that its humor is intended for a relatively insular, like-minded readership: subscribers to the New Yorker, a presumably urbane audience with strong Obama tendencies. No matter what the New Yorker says about holding up a mirror to prejudice, the cartoon certainly didn’t do that. It was more like a spyglass.”
> “I’m surprised the Obama camp denounced the portrayal” (PBS)
> “Everyone with two brain cells to rub together gets” it (E&P)
> Brouhaha draws attention away from a good story (Sun-Times)
> Chicago Tribune editorial board laughed at the “funny” cover (CT)
> Left-wing blogosphere’s reaction to NYer cover was “bizarre” (Salon)
> Elitists fear Joe Sixpack won’t understand the image’s message (Slate)
> Cartoonist Spiegelman says liberal bloggers “sound so elitist” (SFC)
> Magazine’s regular readers are savvy enough to understand, but… (PDN)
> Cover is a hot topic at Conde Nast meetings with advertisers (WWD)
> “As a piece of satire, it utterly fails,” says Nick Anderson (Politico)

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