Screenshot Slideshow for Nov. 7, 2008

Beginning today, Poynter Online will publish daily collections of homepage highlights. The sites are selected to reflect some diversity in geography, market size and ownership structure. The list of local newspaper sites will rotate weekly, and will change as events and industry developments dictate. Instructions for submitting your own screenshot are here.

25 local newspaper Web sites rotate weekly

The Obama election victory seems like old news and the Web moves on. However, I was struck by how much of the Chicago Tribune’s homepage real estate was devoted this morning to the third (or is it fourth?) day of the Obama victory. The package is visually appealing with a striking image from Tuesday night. Nice touch selling copies of Wednesday’s historic print newspaper. Way to help those analog guys.

Deeper in the heartland, in Omaha, the Obama story is off the top of the page, which is back to other stuff, such as weather, murder and job security.

A number of sites highlight interactive voting results maps. These graphics — which allow readers to click on their own precincts and get local, really local, results — are wonderful examples of the power of the Web. One that caught my eye:

31 local TV station Web sites from Anchorage to Washington

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