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Dan Rather on movie about his darkest hour: 'Paid the price,' but had the facts right

Poster for the movie "Truth"It's surreal, Dan Rather says, to see Robert Redford on the big screen, portraying him during "the darkest hour of his career." And even though he would have much preferred a movie about illustrious moments of his career, such as covering the assassination of President John F. Kennedy or the civil rights movement or Vietnam … Read More

Behind 60 Minutes' decision to air video of sarin gas victims in Syria

Sunday evening, CBS News' 60 Minutes aired what it said was some of the most disturbing and graphic video it has ever put on television. The network began warning viewers about the video Friday. The story Sunday night warned viewers that "If you have young children watching right now, that is usually a good thing. But this story is … Read More

CBS's Bob Simon Killed in Car Crash

One of CBS News' most honored journalists, Bob Simon, died in a car accident in New York City Wednesday night. Simon was 73. Simon's career spanned five decades from covering the Vietnam War to filing a story last Sunday for 60 Minutes about the movie "Selma." He is the recipient of what is believed to be an unequaled … Read More

CBS News: Bill Whitaker’s new job 'has nothing to do' with Lara Logan

News & Record | Politico We got to wondering when correspondent Lara Logan would be back at "60 Minutes" when we read an item in the (Greensboro, N.C.) News & Record reporting that Lesley Stahl would replace Logan at Guilford College's Bryan Series lecture on April 8. Logan was suspended in November along … Read More

CBS memos suggest Logan had bias, but don't say why no one addressed it

The CBS memos from Jeff Fager, chairman of CBS News, and Al Ortiz, executive director of standards and practices, suggest that correspondent Lara Logan had a preconceived bias that prevented her from fully vetting her source before airing his story about the attack on the Benghazi embassy compound that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. But … Read More

Restoring trust after big mistakes like CBS' Benghazi whopper

When a newsroom makes a big mistake, it's a sign that something in its newsgathering process went awry. With trust between journalists and the audience they serve so fragile, it's crucial that newsrooms take significant and swift action after major mistakes. In this chat, we'll talk about what CBS could do after significant doubts emerged about the veracity of a source … Read More

How the '60 Minutes' Benghazi debacle is similar, different than Rathergate

A lying source, a failure to properly vet him, and critical information that turned out to be unsupportable. That appears to be the core of the "60 Minutes" Benghazi debacle that led to an on-air apology from correspondent Lara Logan and will be followed by another one on tonight's broadcast. It's also a summary of events that could … Read More

Update: A Season of Remarkable Apologies

Editor's Note: This story was updated following Sunday night's "60 Minutes." We have just witnessed one heck of a string of remarkable public apologies. And all of them fell flat for different reasons. We've gotten apologies from Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama and the crack-smoking mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford -- and now, CBS's venerable … Read More
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