How freelance journalists can (mostly) avoid working for free

Imagine punching in and out for time spent on researching, interviews, and writing. Now imagine making nothing or next to nothing for that time. Welcome to the minefield of freelance journalism in the age of the Internet. Most journalism outlets use some combination of salaried, contract, freelance, intern, and sometimes what is called a “citizen journalist”, “user-generated content” or some … Read More

Company-wide job cuts hit Alabama Media Group for the second time this year

Several employees at Alabama Media Group have been laid off, the Advance-owned regional media company announced Tuesday. In a memo to staffers announcing the cuts, Alabama Media Group executive Michelle Holmes said between five and nine positions will be eliminated in each of the company's main sites across the state. "We know many of you will say goodbye to trusted … Read More

Times-Picayune and Birmingham News to join new regional company NOLA Media Group and Alabama Media Group, two media companies owned by Advance Local, will join a new regional company for the Southeast, reported Monday. The Southeast Regional Media Group, a company slated to launch later this year, will encompass properties from NOLA Media Group — which includes The Times-Picayune and — and from Alabama Media Group, … Read More

Advance claims digital ad growth will outpace print declines in 2015

Advance Publications' much debated five-year-old strategy of discontinuing some days of daily print editions to devote added resources to digital is poised to achieve a critical crossover point in 2015: digital advertising gains will exceed print newspaper ad losses, the company claims. In a bi-annual letter to employees today, Advance Local President Randy Siegel, writes: Our local sales and marketing … Read More

How many top newspaper editors are from digital backgrounds? Still darn few

Upward of 1,400 digital journalists are expected in Atlanta this week for the annual Online News Association conference. That's fairly close to the number of daily American newspapers, at last count roughly 1,380. With digital transformation the announced top priority for newspaper companies ranging in size from Gannett to community publishers, you would think by now many would have given … Read More