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The Slack bot trend continues, this time with Al Jazeera English

When the Virginia shooting happened last week, the staff at Al Jazeera English didn't get the news from a wire service. It wasn't Twitter either. Instead, they got an alert on Slack. That’s right, Slack, the trendy real-time messaging app that has quickly become ubiquitous in so many newsrooms. Al Jazeera has a custom bot that is constantly … Read More

Al Jazeera memo illustrates the importance of word choice

I’ve spent a lot of time and space over the last decade thinking and writing about political language, propaganda, censorship, and banned and taboo words. Every time the language wars begin heating up (illegal alien vs. undocumented worker), I find myself reverting to a set of first principles: What is the literal meaning of the questionable word or phrase? Does … Read More

Columbia j-school's highest honor goes to Al Jazeera English

Romenesko Misc. The Columbia Journalism Award is given annually during the school’s commencement ceremony to recognize an individual or organization for “singular journalism in the public interest." Dean Nicholas Lemann says: “Al Jazeera English has performed a great service in bringing the English-speaking world in-depth coverage of the turmoil in the Middle East. We salute its determination to get to the heart of a complicated story unfolding in countries where news has historically been difficult to cover.” Read More