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The ‘falling bear’ is dead, immortalized in Colorado student photo

Daily Camera
Two cars on Thursday struck and killed the Colorado bear who was photographed in mid-air. The black bear was wandering on a highway near Boulder, Colo., where it achieved fame via a viral photograph by University of Colorado student Andy Duann last week. Duann took the remarkable photo while the bear, who was tranquilized by police as it occupied a campus tree, fell onto a mat ringed by law enforcement officers.

The picture inspired a copyright battle and eventually led the university to change its policy of demanding ownership of student journalists’ work.

A spokesperson for Colorado’s Parks and Wildlife department told the Daily Camera’s Joe Rubino the bear was tagged after its famous fall, making positive identification possible. Neither of the cars’ drivers was seriously hurt in the crash. Read more


University of Colorado will no longer demand copyright from students

Gil Asakawa, adviser to the University of Colorado student newspaper, the CU Independent, emails with an update on the rights to a bear photo that went viral last week:

“I’ve personally apologized to [student photographer] Andy Duann for the mistaken assumption that the CU Independent owned the copyright to the falling bear photo, and the resulting controversy that ensued. At Andy’s suggestion, we’re working on a new policy that will assign use of content to the CU Independent but allow content producers to retain the copyrights to their material.”

This is great news for student journalists, and also for the school, which previously demanded ownership of students’ work even though the students were volunteers. Read more

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University acknowledges that student Andy Duann retains copyright to falling bear photo

Six Times an Hour | Daily Camera | Student Press Law Center
The saga of Andy Duann’s bear photo appeared to conclude Monday evening. Newspaper adviser Gil Asakawa had previously asserted the University of Colorado paper, the CU Independent, owned the copyright to the photo, which it first published in a story about an ursine interloper on campus. The photo went viral, became a meme and was picked up by the Associated Press, which issued an “elimination notice” telling its members not to reproduce the photo after the news broke that Duann did not acknowledge the university’s claim to copyright.

Duann never signed a release granting such rights. “Once Gil…realized that Andy hadn’t signed the standard release, there was no question about his ownership of copyright,” Christopher Braider wrote me in an email last night, confirming what was first reported by Matthew Keys. Read more


Lawyer: Student likely owns falling bear photo, not newspaper

On Saturday the Associated Press issued a “photo elimination” of Andy Duann’s falling bear pictures, advising its members to “eliminate from your systems and archives” AP’s “Campus bear” photos shot by Andy Duann and credited to the CU Independent, the student publication of the University of Colorado Boulder, where Duann is a student. “A copyright dispute has arisen between the photographer and the publication that made the photos available to the Associated Press,” the notice read. The notice applied to the four photos of Duann’s that AP was distributing, one of which was a horizontal crop of his original bear photo.

Paul Colford, an Associated Press spokesman, says it’s his understanding that the CU Independent made the photos available to the AP co-op. (One of those photos was on page 3 of my hometown paper, The Washington Post, on Saturday morning, credited to Andy Duann/CU Independent via Associated Press.)

On Friday, I reported Duann was upset at his school’s newspaper because his photo had gone viral and was reproduced around the world without any payment to him. Read more


Student photographer says he’s considering legal action against school for falling bear photo

Andy Duann’s famous photo of a bear falling out of a tree blew up his college newspaper’s website Thursday. Reached by telephone on Friday afternoon, Duann started to tell me how he got the great shot.

And then he mentioned he was waiting at the University of Colorado Boulder’s law school building, because he wants to take legal action against the paper.

“They did not pay me even a penny,” he said. Duann, 22, is a native of Taiwan who’s been in the United States for five years. He’s about to graduate with a degree in electrical engineering; photography is his hobby and passion. “We did not sign any contract,” Duann said. Read more


Student’s photo of bear falling from tree goes viral

CU Independent | Westword
Andy Duann’s picture in the CU Independent of a tranquilized bear falling from a tree is the sort of thing that makes you feel bad for ever saying anything bad about the Internet. The bear hangs in midair above a mat in Duann’s shot, as if it had slightly miscalculated before popping into our dimension.

Update: Duann is considering legal action against the school for distributing the photo without compensating him Read more