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How to use APIs from Twitter, Google & Facebook to find data, ideas

As more and more journalists are finding, APIs are a great way to get data for your Web applications and projects.

An API, or application programming interface, enables software programs to communicate with one another. (Chrys Wu wrote a helpful … Read more

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Beginner’s guide for journalists who want to understand API documentation

There are three letters that have been floating around the media world for several years now: API. Short for “application programming interface,” an API enables software programs to communicate with one another, allowing your programs to share data and interact … Read more


Zite incident shows why publishers need to enable automatic, controlled content distribution

In an era of free, frictionless content distribution, how can creators of that content be paid for their work?

The question was highlighted on Wednesday as 11 major media organizations — from Dow Jones Co. to Time — sent a … Read more