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Here are 81 journalism internships and fellowships for application season

For most journalism students, the biggest step toward finding employment isn't passing the final. It isn't acing midterms, turning in homework or even meeting deadlines at the college paper. The most critical period in journalism school is the three-month window stretching from September to November informally known as internship application season. Getting professional experience and making contacts through an internship … Read More

The newsroom pizza chain continues, this time from Baltimore to Charleston

We can call this a tradition now, right? On Wednesday, the newsroom of The (Charleston, South Carolina) Post and Courier was treated to a pizza lunch from the newsroom of The Baltimore Sun. The Post and Courier's executive editor tweeted his thanks. Big thank you to @baltimoresun and @trifalatzas for the gesture today. Every … Read More

The Baltimore Sun sets traffic record with Freddie Gray coverage

The Baltimore Sun on Monday broke its record for daily pageviews, more than doubling its previous high mark, said Matthew Bracken, director of audience engagement and development for the newspaper. Other prominent stories, such as the Ray Rice scandal, have emerged from the city in recent years, but they haven't generated the same intense audience interest that Freddie Gray coverage … Read More

Journalists attacked and injured in Baltimore riots

At least nine journalists have been beaten or injured in the Baltimore riots this week — including several Monday night. Casey Harper, a reporter with the Daily Caller Foundation, says he took a liquor bottle to the head amid a "mob of attackers." Hey Team. I'm alive. Phone stolen, took a liquor bottle to the head and … Read More

ESPN 'frees' Bill Simmons, but will he seek more freedom elsewhere?

It's Wednesday. That means you get 10 media stories. Freed Simmons: ESPN's Bill Simmons returns to the network today after his three-week suspension "for calling N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell a 'liar' during a podcast, and then effectively daring ESPN to punish him." His contract expires next fall, Jonathan Mahler and Richard Sandomir report. Will he leave? (New York … Read More

Tribune expands music business with Gracenote purchase

Tribune Co. | The New York Times Tribune Co. is purchasing the music metadata firm Gracenote in an $170 million agreement with Sony Corp. of America, the company announced Monday: Gracenote is the largest source of music data in the world, featuring metadata for more than 180 million tracks, which helps power more than a billion smart phones and tablets, as well as the world’s most popular streaming music services. Read More

Baltimore Sun columnist confesses to recycling passages from old columns

A recent column from longtime Baltimore Sun columnist Jacques Kelly includes a surprising admission in the third paragraph: ... it's time for a confession. In many of my columns, I repeated sentences and entire passages from past columns that I considered my old standbys. My motivation was to give my readers what I thought they wanted. But it was … Read More

How CNBC corrected its incorrect correction about Bain & Company

Last Thursday, CNBC Washington correspondent Eamon Javers published a report stating Bain & Company (of Mitt Romney fame) was consulted by Obama administration officials working on the auto bailout. Javers' source was a reference to "Bain Consulting" made in a report from the inspector general of the TARP program. He also contacted the PR department at Bain for confirmation, but … Read More

Updated: Baltimore Sun to put up paywall next month

Romenesko+ Memos | Baltimore Sun (Letter to Readers) | Baltimore Sun The Sun tells readers that the paywall goes up October 10. "To encourage readers to sign up at launch, we will offer a special introductory rate of 99 cents for the first 4 weeks," says publisher Tim Ryan. "After that, digital-only subscribers will have a cost of $2.49 a week or $49.99 for 26 weeks. Print subscribers will receive a special reduced rate of 75 cents a week or $29.99 a year. Non-subscribers will have free access to 15 web pages a month. The Sun is the first Tribune paper to announce digital subscriptions. | Jay Hancock: The Sun will count links from social media and other websites as part of a user's monthly allotment of 15 views. Read More
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