Best Practices: Reporting and Writing and Editing


Nine ways journalists can do justice to transgender people's stories

Transgender people make news of all kinds, so reporters of all kinds need to know how to write about them – not just journalists whose beats regularly include diversity issues. Recently, government reporters found themselves writing about Pvt. Chelsea Manning, crime reporters in Orlando covered the murder … Read More

How to cover a court trial: 6 tips for journalists

As newsrooms continue to contract, some media outlets have been criticized for their diminishing coverage of the courts, including high-profile trials. As journalists move to other beats or leave their newsrooms, their institutional knowledge about how to cover trials goes with them. Here are six tips for writers who might be new to a courtroom, and what they … Read More

Story about a Marine's suicide shows power of letting sources narrate

National Public Radio brags about its ability to produce “driveway moments.” The idea is that you’re driving home from work listening to a riveting story on NPR and pull into your driveway, but the story isn’t over yet so you sit there -- with the AC thrumming -- until the tale is told and you can turn off the … Read More