Bloomberg LP reshuffles editorial management


Bloomberg LP has announced new changes to its editorial team, including the creation of a new “editorial management committee” composed of editor-in-chief John Micklethwait, deputy editor-in-chief Reto Gregori, and new editorial chief content officer Josh Tyrangiel, All main editors will now report directly to this committee, according to FisbowlNY.

In addition, Bloomberg will physically move its digital news section next to the journalists who write for Bloomberg News. “That will mean we have one unified newsroom with people who write in real time sitting beside each other,” wrote Micklethwait in a memo outlining the changes.

In a memo obtained by FishbowlNY, Micklethwait said:

Media CEO Justin Smith and I have collaborated closely on the editorial reorganization within Media specifically. The editorial heads in our Media businesses — Claudia [Milne for Broadcast], Josh Topolsky, Al [Mayers for Radio], Stephanie [Mehta for Events] and the magazine part of Josh Tyrangiel — will also have a business reporting line to Justin, where appropriate. I will now serve as the editorial lead in Justin’s Media management team, and Josh Topolsky and I will attend his weekly meetings. Justin and I will work together on strategy for all our Bloomberg Media properties.

Correction: A previous version of this story misspelled the name of Reto Gregori. Read more


Career Beat: S. Mitra Kalita joins the Los Angeles Times

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community:

  • S. Mitra Kalita will be managing editor for editorial strategy at the Los Angeles Times. She is executive editor-at-large at Quartz and an adjunct faculty member at Poynter. (Poynter)
  • Matt Saal will be executive producer at Bloomberg TV. He is an executive producer at MSNBC. (Email)
  • Mike Bruno is now senior vice president of digital content at Billboard. Previously, he was vice president of digital content there. (Email)

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Career beat: Ellis Jones named editor-in-chief at Vice Magazine

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community:

  • Ellis Jones is now editor-in-chief of Vice Magazine. Previously, she was executive editor there. (Politico)
  • Jim Murphy is now vice president of morning programming at CNN. Previously, he was senior executive producer for “Early Start and “New Day.” (The Wrap)
  • David Gura will be a reporter at Bloomberg TV. He is a senior reporter and substitute host for “Marketplace.” (Poynter)
  • Dan Wakeford will be deputy editor at People. Previously, he was a consultant. (

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David Gura from ‘Marketplace’ joins Bloomberg TV

David Gura, senior reporter and substitute host for American Public Media’s “Marketplace,” will be a reporter at Bloomberg TV, according to a staff memo from Claudia Milne, head of U.S. television for Bloomberg.

Gura will report from New York.

Bloomberg has made a series of hires in recent months in a bid to build its video presence. In October, the company announced the addition of Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal to develop a show and website, later revealed to be Bloomberg Markets. The company also hired “Game Change” authors John Heilemann and Mark Halperin to develop a website and politics-focused TV show called “With All Due Respect.”

In January, Bloomberg Markets hired Financial Times alum Tracy Alloway to be the site’s executive editor.

Here’s the memo:

Dear All

I have some great news! David Gura will be taking the leap and leaving Marketplace to join Bloomberg TV as a reporter next month. David will be based in New York.

David joins us from Marketplace, where he is a senior reporter and the show’s primary substitute host. During his tenure at Marketplace, David reported on the economic recovery and he spent a lot of time talking to Americans in places that were electorally and economically unique ahead of the 2012 and 2014 elections.

David also worked at NPR as an editor and producer, and also reported for The Two-Way, its breaking news blog. He regularly contributed to NPR’s flagship news magazines, All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and Weekend Edition.

We’re thrilled that David has decided to join our team. Please join me in welcoming him to Bloomberg.


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Career Beat: Teri Hayt named executive director at ASNE

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community:

  • Dashiell Bennett will be news editor at Bloomberg Markets. Previously, he was news editor at The Atlantic. (@TheStalwart)
  • Kate Bennett will be a gossip columnist at Politico. She is fashion editor at Washingtonian. (Email)
  • Teri Hayt will be executive director of the American Society of News Editors. She is executive editor of GateHouse Media Ohio (Email)
  • Pamela Padilla is now a multimedia journalist for KDEN. Previously, she was Web editor for KXTX. (Media Moves)
  • Chelsea Manning will be a columnist for Guardian U.S. Previously, she was an Army intelligence analyst. (NPR)

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Mitt Romney isn’t running, despite reports to the contrary

Both Bloomberg and The Daily Beast reported this morning that perennial GOP hopeful Mitt Romney was making a third run for the presidency.

Earlier in the day, Bloomberg Politics published a story by “Game Change” scribe Mark Halperin titled “Why Mitt Romney Thinks He Can Win (and Jeb Bush Can’t),” that indicated Romney would make an announcement Friday morning.

Hours later, The Daily Beast trumpeted an exclusive on Twitter:

And then again:

Before reversing itself:

Bloomberg followed The Daily Beast’s lead, citing its inaccurate report:


Shortly afterward, Bloomberg reversed itself and appended the following correction:

Correction: This story was based on an article from The Daily Beast, which contained inaccurate information. A statement released by Mitt Romney today clearly states he is not exploring a 2016 presidential bid.


The Daily Beast has changed the headline of its original story and notes that the most recent news contradicts its earlier story. But the URL of the story remains the same:

DailyBeastURL Read more


Career Beat: Audrey Cooper named EIC of San Francisco Chronicle

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community:

  • Audrey Cooper is now editor-in-chief of the San Francisco Chronicle. Previously, she was managing editor there. (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • Ann Curry will develop a media startup funded by NBC Universal. Previously, she was a national and international correspondent at NBC News. (New York Times)
  • Steven Komarow has been named news director for Roll Call. Previously, he was an editor at Bloomberg. (PR Newswire)
  • Jason Zengerle is now a political correspondent at GQ. Previously, he was a senior editor at The New Republic. (Email)
  • Jennifer Henrichsen is a technology fellow at Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press. Previously, she was a research fellow at Columbia University’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism. (Email)

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Laurie Hays to leave Bloomberg

Laurie Hays, senior executive editor at Bloomberg News, will leave the organization, multiple sources told Poynter Thursday.

Several Bloomberg employees tweeted Thursday afternoon that Hays will leave the international news organization:

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 4.54.59 PM

In December, BuzzFeed reported that Hays was passed over for the top position at Bloomberg News when the organization was choosing a successor for founding Editor-in-Chief Matthew Winkler. The job went instead to John Micklethwait, editor-in-chief of The Economist.

According to a memo to Bloomberg staff from Michael Bloomberg obtained by Politico’s Dylan Byers, Hays is leaving the newsroom under “amicable circumstances.” She will be replaced in the interim by Laura Zelenko, executive editor for markets at Bloomberg.

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Career Beat: Marilyn Thompson will be deputy editor at Politico

Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community:

  • Leon Wieseltier will be a contributing editor and critic at The Atlantic. Previously, he was literary editor at The New Republic. (Poynter)
  • George Rodrigue will be editor of The Cleveland Plain Dealer. Previously, he was assistant news director for WFAA. (Poynter)
  • Marilyn Thompson will be deputy editor at Politico. She’s currently Washington bureau chief for Reuters. Maura Reynolds is now White House editor at Politico. Previously, she was an editor at Bloomberg. (Email)
  • Peter Jamison is now a metro reporter at the Los Angeles Times. Previously, he was a reporter at the Tampa Bay Times. Nigel Duara is now a southwest correspondent at the Los Angeles Times. He was a reporter at The Associated Press. Noah Bierman will cover the California congressional delegation for the Los Angeles Times. Previously, he was a congressional reporter for The Boston Globe. (Email)
  • Aaron LaBerge is now chief technology officer at ESPN. Previously, he was senior vice presidet of technology and product development there. (ESPN)
  • Dianna Heitz will be senior multi-platform editor at CNN Politics Digital. She is a deputy managing editor at Politico. (Email)
  • Chris Montgomery is now a Web developer at Billy Penn. Previously, he was a Web developer for Temple University’s School of Media and Communication. (Billy Penn)
  • Jim Rainey is now a senior film reporter at Variety. Previously, he was a reporter at The Los Angeles Times. (Variety)
  • Bill Siegel will be director of news strategy for The E.W. Scripps Company. He is news director for WWL. (The E.W. Scripps Company)
  • Fred Poust will be senior vice president of conferences and business development at Forbes. Previously, he was chief marketing officer for the Clinton Global Initiative. (Fishbowl NY)

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The ethics of hacked email and otherwise ill-gotten information

Sony and Aaron Sorkin both got it wrong. There are journalism ethics to mining emails hacked by someone else. But the question is not whether or not to mine them, but rather how.

Journalists generally agree that it’s appropriate to use ill-gotten information in the public interest, whether it’s the Pentagon Papers or a massive email hack.

But good intentions and execution are two different things. The latter involves a solid process rooted in journalistic values — because public interest is a moving target. Some newsrooms claim public interest when information is merely interesting, funny or salacious. The article about Channing Tatum’s goofy email might fall into that category.

BuzzFeed’s look at Maureen Dowd’s practice of allowing prior review, which Dowd denied, could be in the public interest because Dowd is a powerful columnist at a powerful newspaper that influences public opinion. If she shows special favor to certain people, it would be in the public interest to know that. But BuzzFeed’s lack of additional reporting on their initial story suggests their motives were less about public interest and more about public shaming.

Bloomberg’s piece on Sony’s knowledge of its employees’ medical records is perhaps the best example of reporting in the public interest that’s come out of the recent hack. It’s a story that starts with the emails, but delves into a corporate practice that has moral, legal and public policy implications for everyone.

As a journalist, your ethical obligations remain the same whether information is delivered directly to you by a confidential informant, or simply posted to a public website. Your first priority is accuracy. Can you verify that the information itself is true? Or are you just repeating it? On top of that, how can you supplement accuracy with both precision and context to add value to the information?

When faced with information gained by nefarious means, a journalist should:

  • Do additional reporting to verify the details. You must be sure it is accurate before you pass it along
  • Avoid distortion and instead ensure appropriate tone. This means watching your headlines, adjectives and all the other details that give a particular piece of information a certain tone. When you add flavor to information, it needs to be appropriate.
  • Add context, by seeking additional input or rebuttal from the relevant stakeholders. Context makes information more accurate.

Truth is the rudder that steers ethical decisions in journalism. Is this information true? That’s the first, but not the only question journalists ask. Does it enhance our understanding of a situation? The obligation to seek the truth trumps, but does not excuse other ethical transgressions.

Rather than insisting that journalists delete information they’ve published, Sony lawyers would have perhaps gained more traction and public sympathy if they had reminded newsrooms of their obligation to verify truths. Read more


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